Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cuckoo For Coco "PUFF"

For the past week and a half we've been dog sitting Coco ... you remember this adorable little guy?  I took a beautiful picture of him when we were at Four Muddy Paws this fall.    He is a beautiful male Pomeranian ... and he's so poofy and cute I can't just call him CoCo.   I have to call him CoCo Puff when I'm talking to him.   Turns out Coco Puff is no poofy puff, in fact he's quite opinionated.  ;)     I heard that at his current foster home he prefers sleeping in bed with his humans.    But, if they move their feet in the slightest and disturb him,  he'll attack their feet!    He just doesn't like his beauty sleep disturbed.   HA   Luckily for me and him, he's able to sleep at the head of the bed with me.    He's a perfect gentleman when he's able to sleep at head level on his "own" side and not get disturbed.   One night, though, I was reading to Joey while he was hanging out in my bed and Coco had a complete freak out moment when someones toes moved.   :)   If I hadn't seen it for myself, I wouldn't have believed his inner demon existed!

When we accepted CoCo from Grace, she warned us that he's "Trash Aggressive" - meaning if he's got  something, even if it's trash don't try and take it out of his mouth!   He's like Oscar the Grouch - once it's his trash, it really is  HIS!!    This sweet little guy ... he really is sweet ... he just likes things a certain way - as in HIS way.   He was adopted out a little bit back but apparently someone went to grab something out of his mouth and he got a little nippy.   So ... he was returned. 
:(   I don't know the family's story but I'm hoping they had small children and were a little nervous of his behavior.    But that incident with CoCo is why small dogs generally don't do very well with small children.    They have very little tolerance for kids without manners.    Many groups will refuse to even adopt a small breed dog to a family with small children, just because of the potential for disaster.    I had a dachshund puppy once for adoption and a lady with a baby contacted me about adopting him.    I told her over the phone that dachshunds are not a good choice for such a small child.   I told her to go look for a mellow, bigger dog like a lab.   But she showed up at PetCo anyway.   When I turned her down, in person, she and her husband were furious with me and started yelling about how I wasted their time and how dare I judge their child.     Now that's the kind of person if the dachshund puppy ever did bite the baby, then they'd handle it worse than most probably. 

One of the disappointing things besides his adoption not working out is that a friend of mine knew someone that wanted to adopt him.    Well, during the time that he was adopted this person adopted another dog and now that we have CoCo back ... she can't adopt him.   ::sigh:: 

I think CoCo would do great in a home with a more mature couple or a single woman.   He definitely seems to appreciate my company more than he does Joey's.    He likes to quietly sit and be pet.   He's not much of a player and he doesn't really interact with the other dogs.   He doesn't snuggle up to them or greet them, but he doesn't act territorial or aggressive to them either.    He seems to be house broken and he LOVES going out in the yard and hanging around to guard the alley.  :)     He doesn't let anyone go unnoticed when he's outside, which I find to be a wonderful trait in a dog. 

Here's hoping CoCo finds a wonderful home soon.   He's only 4 years old but his personality is a little older in my opinion.    As usual, CoCo just needs to find the perfect home.   If Lesa was able to find a home for a little chihuahua that would rather bite someone than look at them I think CoCo has a good chance of finding a wonderful home.    Once he finds his perfect place I'm sure he'll not be as cuckoo of a coco puff. ;)

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