Thursday, December 9, 2010


I love that word - unfortunately I have too many opportunities to use it!   Things have been sooooo quiet without Burton and Bonham.   I almost don't know what to do with myself with all the free time I have on my hands not having to go over to my neighbor's yard and get Burton back over here.   I have heard from both of Bonham and Burton's adopters and Burton was sticking to his new human like glue and Bonham had been renamed Rudi - as his new parents pointed out, it's a very good German name.  :)   I think it fits in great with the holiday season too!

I was feeling so proud of myself for having two fosters adopted in two days.    We humans are so weird - we seem to throw competition into the mix about everything.      In the rescue world it comes down to how many foster dogs get adopted, how quickly they get adopted, if they're ever returned and even who has a better adoptive family at the end of the day.    Prior to Burton and Bonham being adopted, I was feeling down and useless to our group because none of my fosters were going anywhere and they just seemed to be costing the group a whole lot of money.     So when Burton and Bonham were adopted I was feeling VERY proud of myself for a few days.     Then I hear through the grapevine that instead of someone being positive about my fosters being adopted right in a row, I was actually "dissed" for having three unadoptable fosters and a comment was even made that "one's about to die."    That's the kind of thing that makes me want to drag TRex along for some perfectly aimed urine streams of his! :)    Anyone who fosters knows that we don't choose dogs that are going to be with us a long time.    But when you foster senior dogs, it happens quite easily.   

I personally don't think Natsumi is unadoptable, she's just nearly blind.   She has had a ton of interest and there is someone out there that will give this sweet girl a wonderful home.   She is not a throw away dog, she did deserve to have her life spared and just because she's with me a little longer than others does not make me or Natsumi worthless or losers.    As for Suzie and Tina - I'm glad I've been able to give them a warm and loving home for the last year.   I'm glad I've been able to bring Joey and Tina together because they have a true human/dog bond.   And I'm glad I've been watching over Suzie making sure she's feeling well.    These two old girls deserve to be here just as much as any other younger dog.

Even though Natsumi hasn't been adopted and nobody adopted Suzie and Tina I like to think of them as amazing ambassadors for our group.   I always dress Suzie and Tina up alike, they're always looking especially cute and Natsumi is always getting tons of attention.    Even if they haven't gone to a forever home, they have brought our group a lot of attention and good will.

There's another awesome thing that's about to happen that's due to them being in our group.   Our group is getting a sizable donation and it's directly in relation to someone having been interested in Suzie and Tina this past summer.   True, the woman was a little high maintenance.   True,  she drove me a little batty because she decided not to adopt Suzie and Tina because she felt they were codependent and encouraging bad behavior in each other.   :)   BUT she nominated our group for the prize and I know she was very fastidious in getting our information and nomination together.    She'd also been with the company for some time and seemed like she was with the "in crowd" with the company.     We had been in the running for a couple of years to get one of these prizes but had never won.    We were just recently notified that we were winning and I think the award ceremony is next Thursday.   I know in my heart of hearts that  we won because this lady and I  corresponded about my two doxie girls.    Of course, not everyone agrees with me.    I can't wait to hear what the gift is!! :)    I wish I could attend the ceremony and take Suzie and Tina with me so they could accept the check.  ;)

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  1. Kim
    I am totally growling right now. I don't hear teh grapevine stuff b/c I stay off the lists, but geez, dissing someone b/c their fosters are old or sick...that is kind of beyond comprehension. Hang in there, you are a great asset to the group and those who say otherwise need to think a little more about why we do what we do.