Thursday, December 2, 2010

How'd that happen???

I went to meet one of the families interested in Burton tonight and they decided they wanted to meet Bonham too.    Guess what ??? They adopted Bonham tonight.   I'm a little discombobulated - I was sure they'd want Burton and I was going to have to hold off on making a decision until I met the other interested party tomorrow night.    Bonham is a little love bug and he just cuddled right up to the gentleman (John) and as he said - Bonham chose him.    They already have a rescue female dachshund name Greta so it's a great home.  I love it when dachshunds get adopted into a dachshund home.   They're one breed that really seems to love their own!

Of course, I cried.   I was completely unprepared - I really didn't imagine I'd be adopting a dog out tonight.   But they're a great couple and it makes things easy that Bonham chose them and now the other wonderful applicant may adopt Burton tomorrow night.

What am I going to do without a male dachshund in the house?   What has happened to all my carefully orchestrated plans of having a dachshund infested Christmas?  ;)   ::sigh::   I was thinking about it tonight and it'll just be best if Burton does get adopted tomorrow.   It's like ripping off a band aid - do it quick.   Bonham tonight and Burton tomorrow will decrease my mourning period.

I got a great picture of Saburo tonight and Tara was telling me all sorts of silly antics that he and his fur brother Tankerz are up to.  I love hearing these stories - it gets me through the day.    What was odd, though, is I actually teared up a little.   I hadn't met John and Carolyn with Bonham yet so it wasn't a residual cry from that.   I love Saburo, he's a great dog.   I'm so happy for him and I still miss him a little bit.

Here's a ridiculous picture of Burton from last night.   Yes, he was in the cat litter box.   Yes, his nose is covered with litter because he was poking around the nasty stuff before I got a chance to scoop it out.    Yes, he's bad to the bone.   And YES I do love my naughty boy Burton!

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