Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

Santa and The Doxie Girls
Today I had a Santa picture taken with Suzie and Tina and also visited some light decorations.     I took a picture of Suzie and Tina myself along with the person who took the picture for PetCo but theirs was much better!  I did it for Joey since he loves the old girls so much.    Suzie has been having a very rough time breathing.   She's not panting, but her little chest is heaving and her breaths are very loud.   Even if she's under the covers, you can hear her.   I'm wondering if her medication should be increased back to one pill a day instead half a pill?

Today I realized, probably since I didn't have Joey with me, what a great and easy going dog Tina is and what a little stubborn stinker Suzie is.  :)   Joey usually always has Tina and I have Suzie so I can carry her around or whatever.    Today I had both of them and Suzie would decide she was done walking or didn't want to go a certain direction and she'd just stop whole horse!    Then, I stopped by the adoption event for a while even though I wasn't "officially" there and while I was sitting or standing and visiting with other group members, Suzie would whine and beg to be held non stop.   Meanwhile, Tina was totally laid back and would go where I'd go, didn't fuss a bit, and she'd  just sit quietly at my feet if I was standing up and talking to someone or sitting down.   Oh my gosh - Tina's the angel and Suzie's the devil!  I had always told people that I knew Suzie was the dominant one which everyone was surprised by because of Tina's weight.    Everyone thought she stole the food from Suzie, but UH NO - Suzie let her have it apparently.    It was really an eye opener.    When I told Joey tonight about it he was pretty blase and was like "I told you Tina's a great dog."  :)   And yes, she is.   Here she is getting some belly rubs from my friend Virginia. 

Baby Girl Tina with Virginia

Santa's Magical Kingdom
Tonight we then went to Santa's Magical Kingdom out and Eureka, which we do every year.    This year we were lucky enough to take Janet from our group along.   It's always fun to have a friend along with us!  Joey's at the age that I think he wants to act "too cool for school" so Janet and I were OOHING and AAAHING way more than Joey but he seemed to finally forget he's a jaded Tween.  ;)

The "Magic" Tree
 After we dropped Janet off and visited with her a while, we took a drive downtown and viewed the lights at Anheuser Busch.    We usually do that the night we decorate our tree, but we were a little late this year.    That's one of my favorite things to see - the tree in the center of AB that goes from gold lights, to gold & red, then to red and back to gold again.   I remember when my Dad first showed me I thought it was the most magical thing.   I now have a ritual with Joey where we go around the round about as many times as it took for us to see it change through all the colors multiple times.   I remember when  Joey was little and I figured out I could do that - it's such a small thing.    But the day I realized I could time my trip around the tree just perfectly and keep going around instead of leaving was one of my finest days as a Mother.    Nobody I had ever ridden with had done that so it had never dawned on me that it didn't need to be a fleeting moment.

AB At Night During the Holidays

Today was a really good day and tomorrow will be fun too.   We're lucky to be joining The Gateway Lo-Downs for another dog party.    We are so excited.   Unfortunately, a couple of our friends can't make it but I imagine the two sissies will still have a blast.  :)

Our Tree

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