Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Does it Count if we get the Cat Bed Without THE Cat in it????

Suzie, Tina and Natsumi are notorious about pulling down my cat's bed off my computer desk.    Then ... they proceed to rip the crap out of it.    It annoys me to no end, but I really do think they're vicariously eating my cat through his cat bed.    They're such stinkers!    Who would think two 12 year old dachshunds and a nearly blind cockapoo would be such trouble makers for poor Roscoe??

Now that I've increased Suzie's medicine back to a full tablet of Temaril P a day, she's doing so much better.    I was getting so worried - her breathing was so labored.    I would just hold her in my arms and stroke her and softly tell her to calm down.    That seemed to help her breathing, but it's so scary to hold her when she's like that.    It's a terrible reminder of the poor health she really is in.     I called the vet to make sure about the medication and explained to them the group would not be paying any more of her diagnostic bills.    So he told me if the increase in dosage didn't work, to call back and they'd go another route.   That was a relief to know that there were other ideas without them having to see her and do more tests.     The group continues to cover her medication, but nothing else.    It's so reassuring to have a job and to know that if I really feel Suzie needs an XRay, I can just pay for one myself.    That's what I did with their rabies shots - I just paid for them myself.    I was thinking about getting them a titer ... which I'd never heard of before.   A shot titer is geared to dogs that have had a lifetime of vaccinations and their blood maintains a consistent amount of these vaccines due to the regular administering of them.    It's geared for people who are concerned about overly vaccinating dogs, but also for people with elderly dogs who just don't want to risk a poor side effect on their senior dog.     I called a couple of places and to get a shot titer, it costs about $200 per dog - not taking into account any office visit.      I think I'll wait for my tax refund.  ;)  

I found out another bit of important information about vaccinations in my research.     First of all, the shot titer does not work for a rabies shot - they need that annually.   Nor does it help with bordatella, but in my opinion bordatella is very similar ot the human flu shot.    If you happen to catch the right strain that you were vaccinated for, it works.   If not, you're kind of SOL.    The titer does cover the DHLPP vaccination  (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvo Vaccine)        It turns out the Leptospirosis can be a very deadly vaccination.     Many vets offices choose to give the DHPP only because of the adverse affects of the "L" portion of the vaccination.     During my investigations into titers, etc, I was in communication with the head of the Gateway Lo-Downs about it and she told me whatever I did to NOT give Suzie and Tina the "L" because dachshunds have a 30% chance of  having an adverse reaction to the vaccine, and couple that with Suzie and Tina's age ... and it could be a recipe for disaster.    One thing I love about volunteering is that I learn so much about dogs and the things about them.  

Today at work we had a Christmas luncheon and the boss even gave out a gift to every employee - it was so thoughtful and nice.    The women all got this amazingly soft and pretty throw from The Pottery Barn and the men either got an antique globe or a BBQ set.    I was so appreciative.   It's funny, some of the people who haven't faced a job loss complained about how the party was too small and they would have rather had $20 in their pocket instead of the gift.    Now that I think about it, it was only the men complaining.   Hmmmm     I, on the other hand, LOVED IT!  :)

Another nice thing my office does is that my direct supervisor contacts Cardinal Glennon every year at Christmas and finds a child that will be in the hospital during the holidays and then she collects money from the office and goes on a shopping spree.    This year the hospital chose an 8 year old boy named Skylar.    He was apparently swimming in a pond this September and contracted an infection that's caused renal failure.     I can't even imagine the horror of the realization - an afternoon of fun turns into a life threatening infection.   Skylar has to have dialysis every other day and since he has a minor amount of function in his kidneys he's not even on a transplant list yet.       Lisa, my supervisor, sent out an office wide email today and let us know how excited he and his Mom were when they visited him in the hospital to give him the gifts.   It really reminded me of the important things in life and how very lucky I really am.    If everyone could all say some prayers for Skylar and his family I know they'd appreciate it.

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