Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dog eat Dog World?? Not at home ...

Tina is loving the spring time
Thank goodness I have my sweet little boy and some really funny and great dogs to come home to.    Even though fostering homeless dogs is emotionally taxing and very hard on the heart, it's something I choose to do and the good that comes out of it far outweighs the bad.  I wish I could say that about ever facet of my life.  I tell ya the last couple of weeks have royally sucked at work.    It's been pretty rough because I've never felt like such a screw up in my life.   I'm so thrilled that I have a job ... but it's coming at a high price of the loss of self esteem and self worth.   In the past I might have felt bad about my abilities as a wife or girlfriend or mother but I always always always felt competent and even amazing as a employee in the mortgage business.    Not so much anymore - I'm not sure if it's because of the big changes in the business, the fact that I'm fairly paranoid from losing so many jobs in the past few years or if it's just the very high strung environment I work in.

Rex is always in my corner!

I ended up having to get an anti anxiety medication filled because I'm always coming home feeling like shit or  dwelling on the various crap that happened that day, the day before or even the week before at work.   I don't know what my problem is - I get to work a little after 7, I rarely take a lunch and I leave at 4:30.    No matter how hard I try I either don't know about a certain policy,   I make a human mistake or someone else just totally blasts me.     I actually had a stupid VA appraiser put in his appraisal that he emailed me for additional comps for an appraisal and I ignored him.  WTF????    It's against federal regulations and our policies for me to correspond with an appraiser about a property's value prior to a report being delivered   Man, lucky I had emailed the appraiser days before and had pointed that out to him.     

Well humans came up with the term dog eat dog world  but that doesn't seem to fit.   In my book dogs sure treat each other with more courtesy than people seem to treat each other.   Dogs are consistent in how they treat each other and they pretty much aren't into belittling or back stabbing.    They may need to show another dog who's boss but it's done in a pretty straight forward manner.   No wonder I appreciate animals more and more with each day.

Suzie is always ready to give kisses

I come home and the dogs are thrilled to see me and they think I'm awesome.  :)   Damn - why can't I  just take them to work with  me?   Not only do they think I'm awesome but I'm pretty sure they'd punish people who weren't nice to me in some way.     Thank you baby boy and baby dogs for being there at the end of a long, hard day. 

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  1. Ok, so I cried when I read this. It's the company you work for. Gotta be. Google them online or go to one of the employee evaluation sites and find out what is going on. You are awesome at everything you do and they should not be bringing you down.