Sunday, April 3, 2011

Zombie Duck

Zombie Duck
I am shocked at how quiet the house was yesterday without Leon around ... no squeak squeak squeaking of the various toys, no sound of the thundering of paws and no sudden appearance of Leon on my lap.    ::sigh::    I was seriously sad ... almost surprising at how sad I was.  It seems like the ones I convince myself I won't get too attached to end up kicking me in the butt after they leave.   I knew Leon wouldn't be with me for months and months and months, so I "told myself" that I was prepared for him to get adopted.   I'm a little surprised at how long I actually had Leon.   No matter - Leon was adopted by the perfect person.   Leon's absence is HUGE in this house.  

Leon is like a toddler - he couldn't have enough toys.  One of his favorite toys is this crazy looking ... almost Daffy Duck looking toy.   It doesn't squeak, though, it almost tweets like a bird.     The first time Leon played with it was one of the most hilarious things we have ever seen.    He picked it up, shook it like crazy and pretty much killed it.    After finishing it off, he walked away satisfied with a job well done.    After just a couple of steps, the duck started twittering and tweeting again.    It was such a cartoonish moment how Leon reacted... he stopped in his tracks and slowly looked behind him.   When he realized it was still alive he charged it and killed again.    And once again ... the duck would not shut up after he killed it.   He was so freaked out he even started whimpering and whining - totally frustrated that he couldn't kill the duck.    JTK and I started calling it "Zombie Duck" because it kept coming back to life no matter how times Leon "killed" it.  :)

Leon's "stash" of toys
Today, I spent a lot of time gathering up his toys that were in various places in the house.       He  even kept the majority of them in one corner of the computer room.   Too cute.    I've got quite a few in the  yard that I still need to pick up.  When I came across the zombie duck in the house, I felt so sad that I hadn't sent it with him.   I think I'll try to clean it up and mail it off to Courtney.     I don't want to mail a gross Zombie Duck that's been drug through the mud, slobbered on,   rained on and snowed on a number of times.

When JTK came home from his Dad's tonight he commented that the house seems bigger without Leon in it.   It's true - all the dogs we have in our house are at least 8 years old.   TRex, Hopper and Cooper do get playful but none of them have the energy of Leon.

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