Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Parker AKA Leon

Well it's been a bit of a transition, but it looks like life in Kentucky will be a permanent home for Leon.  Notice he's even got a Kentucky Wildcats collar on with a matching blue bone?    Looking good cutie pie! He's now been renamed Parker and his new foster Mom and Grandma LOVE him.   I've even heard his Grandma always wants to snuggle with Parker at night.

Jackson, being the true only child has been a little slower in fully accepting Parker's invitation into the family.   They fought awfully at first ... no blood was drawn but things have settled down.   I know it's so hard when you bring a dog into your house and the fights sound like two crazy werewolves ripping each other apart.   It can be really stressful.   Having fostered plenty of dogs and having two very persnickity and territorial schnoodle boys in the house, we've had our share of fights.    We've figured out ways to introduce dogs into our home and which dogs will likely have a better chance of being accepted here.   First off ... no dog can be TOO much bigger than Cooper.   Cooper has a horrible Napoleon Complex and if he's around bigger dogs he acts like a bratty toddler with sharp teeth.     

We also need to let the new dog in our back yard, let our current dogs see them from the back windows and then we let them out in back a little at a time to say hi.    Coming in the front door is just a recipe for disaster.   We also can't let the dogs be out in the back yard and we bring the dogs into the yard.    Trial and Error!   I was talking to my bro in Hawaii and they have a chihuahua who is very territorial about her people and home and they've discovered the best way for her to meet people or dogs is in a neutral place.   :)

I'm so happy that Courtney didn't give up on Parker.   She's willing to get a trainer and work with both  Jackson and Parker.   Instead of Parker and Jackson hearing "good dog" I just want to say to Courtney "Good Dog Mommy!" 

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