Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's in a Name?

We all have our different favorite methods to naming a dog.    Our current foster was originally with someone else so he has the given name of Butterscotch.     It's a very hard name for JTK or I to use.    I have a rule when naming a dog or cat - it must have two syllables.     I'm sure I've named a dog or cat with more or less - but I stick to the two syllable rule 99% of the time.    Two syllables allow for a shortened nickname to be created at a later date, but more importantly - a much longer syllabic nickname.   

JTK, of course, always goes with the Japanese names or goes with a Japanese connection.    Or ... if I'm really lucky something completely random.  I'd have to say one of my favorite names he passed out was "Cheddar."   I can't help but giggle when I think of that.   Sometimes when we hear a name that's been given to a new foster we can generally figure out who named them even.   Pretty much everytime Joey gets to name a foster I always get asked "That's a Joey name isn't it?" ;)   Getting to name a new foster is one of the "perks" of fostering.   Hey - we grab our joys where we can!   JTK particularly loves to name the fosters.    

I have to admit I'm not a fan of common human names for dogs.   If I'm going to use a human name then it will probably be very unique or from a movie or book.    Again, it must be two syllables though! :)    It's funny since I have three dogs in my household that have human names.    We have Cynthia who was previously a foster and the name is so pretentious it's just perfect for her.   Then we have Suzie and Tina ... who in the world would name two dachshunds SUZIE AND TINA??  :)  Ha Ha - I always find myself calling Suzie the nickname of Toozer and Tina goes by Tina Bear when we're having a conversation.

Back to Butterscotch ... the name just does not suit him.    I really don't know what name would suit  him.  He's a very handsome Pom - absolutely beautiful.    He's got the perfect diva-ish personality of a pom to match his stunning looks as well.    He's very, very sweet and he just loves his attention.   He can not bear it if you stop petting him.   This morning while I was putting my shoes on to go to work I was sitting on my bed and I rubbed his belly a little bit.  Then, when I turned away to put my shoes on the little scamp stood on his hind feet and propped his two front paws against my back waiting for me to pay attention to him again.   It was quite adorable.  He's crazy about JTK.   Probably because Joe physically was the first person to pick him up when we first got him.   We got him from the vet after he had his neuter and had a bunch of teeth extracted.   Imagine what a savior Joe seemed to him after a rough day like that?    Plus Joe continues to spoil him by cradling like a baby while rubbing his belly.  :)

Mr. Butterscotch is going to have an identity crisis because Joe has chosen to call him Piko  - the name of a Japanese pop star.   While I choose to call him Butters, as in the little kid from South Park.   Piko works well because the real Piko is a beautiful man who looks a little feminine.   And Butters works because he's got blonde hair.    Plus considering what kind of show South Park is - it has the perfect connotation of reminding me of a bunch of little stinkers.   

Butters/Piko definitely has his Pom Drama genes in him.    haha  I guess we'll just keep cal.ling him our chosen name for him since someone else got the pleasure of naming him    So far he doesn't really answer to anything so whoever adopts this Mr. Adorable can choose the perfect name to go with the super cute personality, super cute face and the super duper attitude only an itty bitty beautiful fluffy  dog can have.  

Butters/Piko is the perfect specimen of a little dog - cute, precocious and filled with so many adorable antics that equal to a Jedi mind trick so you don't pay too close attention to what a brat he is beneath all that fluff and puff.  :)

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