Monday, April 4, 2011

Natsumi's New Foster Digs

I've had a couple of people asking me what the heck I meant when I commented I only have one foster left.   People have been asking me left and right what happened with Natsumi.   Did she get adopted?  Where is she?    No, she did not get adopted.   She's actually being fostered by a new volunteer.   One of her friends is a group volunteer and she introduced us.   I took Natsumi over there last weekend and a couple of days later she and her husband decided they wanted to go ahead and foster her.

I have to admit I fully expected an adoption to come out of the arrangement.    It doesn't seem to be the case, though.   That makes me sad because the couple who are fostering her can provide her a loving and amazing home.   It looks like there are a couple of very interested parties in Natsumi.    If she gets adopted and moves to a different  home in a short space of time I think my guilt level is going to reach an all time high.    It's my own fault for making an assumption when the people involved never stated this was a "trial run" adoption or anything like that.

The couple taking care of Natsumi are unbelievably wonderful.   They're both very kind and very sweet.    They had lost their cockapoo, Jasmine, unexpectedly some months back and they're still grieving her loss.   I met with them and Natsumi was taken with both the man and the woman which I thought was amazing.    The reasons I like people or feel comfortable allowing them to become a guardian of one of my foster dogs can be any number of little things.    Various things give me a good feeling about people and one of the things that reassured me that Natsumi would be in a loving home is the fact her new foster Mom teared up when she showed me a picture of their beloved Jasmine.   Anyone that feels love that deeply for an animal is OK in my book.    

Natsumi sounds like she's doing wonderfully.    Her foster parents have takare calling her "Nachi" because it's not quite the mouthful Natsumi is.    One of my favorite stories about her is that Carl and Carolyn purchased a baby gate to ensure she stayed in a certain part of the house while they're at work.   Well guess what my nearly blind girl has done?   She routinely "Houdini's" past the gate and settles in comfortably in their bedroom.    Carolyn comes home at work and she always knows where to find her.   I find that particularly endearing that Natsumi doesn't let anything get in her way no matter her disability.  She also even took a road trip with them this past weekend and sounds like she was the perfect travel companion.    They also had her groomed and she looks like a complete poodle now.    I couldn't get the photo to upload so I used an old, fluffy one of her.  :)
I miss Natsumi quite a bit - she had been with me since July of last year.   She became my foster while I was having a very hard time, I had just been let go from my job.   I was pretty down and knowing I helped save a life made me focus on something bigger than myself.     She was always tagging along behind me - always so close that she would be bumping her little head against my leg all the time.   For a few days, I kept feeling these "phantom bumps" on my legs.    It was weird.

I keep hoping with every email I forward to Carolyn with someone interested in Natsumi she'll break down and decide that she can't let anyone adopt her.   Not so far ...   When it comes right down to it, I'm sure it will all work out.

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