Monday, April 25, 2011

MIssing Foster Dog - June!!! Has heart condition

This precious little girl recently had heart surgery.    She's going to be fine one day, but she really needs to be in a warm home surrounded by people who know how to take care of her.     We think she wandered out of the yard of her foster Mom today who lives in South City.    If you live near the Grand/Chippewa area please keep an eye out for this precious girl. 

She hasn't been healthy and strong enough to receive all of her vaccinations or her microchip.    With it being so cold and rainy tonight, we're so scared for her.   We're hoping a kind person saw her and picked her up and took her home.    She's so cute they might be inclined to keep her, but she definitely has special needs and must get back to her foster home.

Please spread the word!!

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