Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TRex's Ex Wife

See?  I'm not the only one with 50 dogs. ;)

The pug in this picture is of a girl that got out of the puppy mill system the same day TRex did.   She was 12 years old two years ago ... so that means she's 14 now.    Can you imagine still being bred at 12?  I think that's 64 in human years!

When Daisy came home with us at the same time as TRex, he immediately fell in love with her.   He always wanted to be by her side.   They must have felt like they busted out of jail together and were leaning on each other for support.   As far as TRex goes, it probably didn't hurt that she went into heat a few days after getting here.  :)

Joey and Daisy were pretty inseparable too - she loved her Joey boy.   What is it about chubby, older female dogs that always establish a bond with Joey?  haha    Daisy slept with Joey every night and followed him around like crazy.   You know how we always have a voice for our dogs and Daisy's voice was one of our favorites - she can't see perfectly so sometimes she'd rush across the yard and run into things.   We'd do the "Hulk" voice and say "Daisy SMASSSSHHHH" and die laughing every time we did it.    She was a big girl, but she looks like she's lost a good deal of weight in this picture.

Daisy was adopted out once and returned about a month after that first adoption because the little shit head teen boy in the family didn't like that Daisy got under his computer desk and messed his computer wires up and occasionally unplugged it.   Of course, a gate wouldn't work because he didn't want to do that - too easy.   I do understand how annoying it can be when a dog unplugs your computer - but there are ways around this.   In fact, I have a barricade of empty cat litter jugs under my computer desk to block dogs from getting around the cords and unplugging them.    It's not pretty, but it's cheap and it's very nearly foolproof.  ;)

This story goes to prove that things happen for a reason because Daisy ended up with the best home ever.   She lives with Barb in Rolla, MO and she's pretty much an angel to our group.   She's adopted a number of our dogs (maybe 80% of her dogs came from our group) and she donated money to help Suzie.  I always get to hear how Daisy is the best dog they have.    That makes me so happy.   In fact, she's so fantastic she gets free reign of the house. 

Good for you Daisy - going from being a puppy making mini factory to queen of the house.   All Hail Queen Daisy!!!   And thanks to her Queen Mother Barbara for treating her like royalty. :)

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  1. This is a nice chapter in Daisy's life. Sis, Thanks to your hard work & determination Daisy is getting what she should of had from the beginning of her life.