Friday, August 20, 2010

Can We Keep Saburo? :)

More often than not, I want to keep the dogs we foster.   Saburo is just like a ray of light, and it's hard not to want to keep him.     Last week we stayed home from the adoption event so that meant another guaranteed week with the little guy, though that's not why we stayed home.    One of the hardest things for me with fostering is saying goodbye to these little fur babies.    The thing we know undoubtedly is that when one gets adopted, that makes room for one more for us to be able to save.   Knowing the important work we're doing really makes saying goodbye a little easier.   Plus, seeing the happy  pictures of previous fosters who are now permanent family members help us keep pushing on.    Here is a great picture of Frankie.    Frankie's Mom, Amy, just loves this dog to pieces.   He's a bit of a handful but they make a perfect team.    She recently entered this photo in a contest and won a $100 gift card.   YAY Frankie and Amy.  Maybe she'll put the money to good use and buy a skiing outfit?  :)

Last night while I was sleeping, I snuggled up to Suzie a little bit.   Then, I felt a cold nose on my arm and I thought "Aw, Suzie is showing me how much she loves me."   Not two seconds later, I was lavished with Saburo kisses and realized he had just completed a classic "Saburo Nose Wedge."  It's funny since I was just talking about that and he snuck up on me and did it.  I had to laugh even though I was half asleep.

Then, this morning while I was brushing my teeth I knew 3 dogs had come into the bathroom with me.   I could only see two and didn't understand if I was losing my mind or what.    THEN, I saw Saburo just sitting in the bathtub.    What is up with that crazy kid?    That's why I love having him around - he's a barrel of laughs and we can all use a little extra laughter in our lives.

Friday nights can be a little hard because this might be our last night with a foster.    Here's one of my favorite pictures I ever took - it's also quite poignant.    This is one of our foster dogs, Snoopy.   Boy did we ever love this scamp.   We fostered him for about 6 months and he was such a tough guy to big dogs, nobody would dare adopt him.    Then an absolute saint called me about adopting him.   She had    previously adopted a dachshund from our group and  I knew she would be perfect for him, so we were able to let him go.     I literally cried for two weeks from missing this guy.     We knew he was going to be adopted that Saturday and this is a picture of Joey and Snoopy sleeping soundly that Friday night in November before he went to his new home. 

Snoopy is a perfect example of how we keep doing what we do.   Had Snoopy never been adopted, we wouldn't  have had room for all the fosters that came after him.    Including Saburo,  and we would never have had the chance to fall in love with him  well.


  1. I tell myself the same thing in order to not keep all the foster cats and dogs that I have had. If I let this one go I can help another one. I almost didn't make it out without adopting Bubba and Bella and then again with Jetta, those ones were rough! But each foster is just so special that I want to keep having of those too!

  2. Hey Elisa - I keep thinking it's supposed to get easier but it's kind of like a roller coaster with me. Linda thinks I'm going to get burned out because I cry about every adopted foster. I'm just a crier! :)