Friday, August 6, 2010

Food Donation!

Today a couple of dedicated volunteers coordinated a food donation from Purina.     A local business provided the truck, an employee to drive the truck and a staging area for our volunteers to meet and pick up some food.      Here's an awesome shout out to Affton Lawn Equipment!!   We also were able to pick up about 1800 lbs of cat litter to pass on to a local cat rescue group.

One of the things I'm so proud about in our group is that there are so many members who have such a "can do" attitude.    If it weren't for the people who took time out of their busy days to make all the necessary phone calls, complete all required paperwork and attend meetings of a larger group then we would not have been able to reap today's rewards.      In an all volunteer organization, people really have to step up to the plate to make sure things get done.    I'm very proud of being a member of St. Louis Senior Dog Project.   

We have close to 80 dogs in our group to feed - that's a lot of dog food we go through.   Any food donations we get are greatly appreciated and means less money the group has to use for food.    Honestly, I think the majority of our volunteers use their own money to cover things such as food, grooming, and treats.   

It's really fun to see each other away from an adoption event - we can actually catch up with each other without dogs attached to our hips!    Some of us try to get together socially once in a while and this Sunday we're going to a Rascals game in St. Charles!  It's an event sponsored by Purina so we can bring dogs with us!!  I'll be bringing Mr. Personality, Saburo, along with Joe.   

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