Friday, August 27, 2010

National Dog Day

Can you believe there's such a thing as National Dog Day?   That's what today is - August 26th.  That's fantastic - much better than some of these other things that get their own days.       There's been lots of talk on Facebook and different sites about what people are doing to spoil their dogs for the big day.   I pretty much did the usual with mine.    They got food, they got love, they got exercise and they got play time.  

It's always interesting to have new fosters because it's kind of like detective work.   Part of our job is  figuring out how a dog likes to play and interact and what his doggie sounds really mean.    Saburo was playing like a nut with me on my bed tonight.    I was taking the cover and covering him up and then wrestling with him a little bit - he was making the craziest noises.   I've never heard those come out of him!    He was having a blast and so was I - it's so fun to have a rambunctious "teenager" dog in the house.  Teenage in dog years, that is.   Saburo really needs a home with a dog that loves to play.  I can tell he just wants to break free and be a big old goof, but I have too many members of the "fun police" here.   Isn't it odd how some dogs just are little party poopers?     While I was goofing around with Saburo, though, I wouldn't let any of the other dogs end his fun.   I think that's why he got a little more excitable tonight.

I think one of the reasons I will miss Saburo so much when he gets adopted is because he is sooooo photogenic!   He is so easy to take pictures of and always available.    I was trying to take some pictures of TRex the other day and I get the feeling he's been watching a little too much National Geographic because he was definitely acting like the camera was trying to steal his soul.  : )

I hope you had a great day with your dog friends and even if you didn't have a chance to do anything out of the ordinary, I bet they're happy they have you to love them and that they're a part of your family and home.

If you know of anyone who would like to give Saburo a home, please pass his information on.    I will have him with me at Lucky Dog this weekend in Webster Groves.   It's a fantastic dog boutique located at  38 N. Gore Ave.      They're having a great event raising funds for Bi-State Pet Food Pantry from 12-4.    You can come by with your pooch and enjoy some ice cream for yourself and your 4 legged friend, with proceeds benefiting
Bi-State Pet Food Pantry.   With these rough economic times, it's so wonderful people are stepping up to the plate and helping families keep their animals while their financial situation is in turmoil.  


  1. Saburo is such a handsome guy, he is very photogenic!

  2. He really is soooo photogenic, just like Zippy :) LOL maybe T-rex is like Rose no matter how hard I try her pics still look a bit weird, makes me feel bad because people on Petfinder don't really get a good look of her. You should try making a video for T-rex :) I can help put it together with music and the works :)