Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lights Out!

Oh man, in this awful heat our electricity went out for a few hours last night.    It's funny how the temperature in the house really wasn't rising that much but with the fans and air conditioner not moving the air around, it started to feel stifling and claustrophobic almost immediately.   To try and pass the time we had some candles going and I was reading the chapter entitled "Malfoy Manor" in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.   (Which, by the way, is VERY scary and tense when read with very little light in the house!!)  

Joey can not bear heat, so I took him over to his Dad's around 10:45.    I could have stayed there as well or gone to someone else's  home with electricity, but I could not have taken all my dogs with me.   It's moments like these that it's very clear what a different world us foster families live in.  :)

I thought about dropping my own dog, Jingle, off with my Mom.   She's our oldest personal dog or what we like to call one of our "Permas".    She's a 12 year old cockapoo and she's the entire reason I eventually got involved fostering with SLSDP.    We adopted this puppy mill survivor from the group back in December, 2007.   Due to the season, she ended up with the named Jingle ... as in Jingle Bells.  I have to admit I generally call her Jingy Bear.  :)   Boy do I love this girl and she loves me too - in her own way.    She shows zero affection, but she would literally follow me to the ends of the earth if I let her.    My old girl has a pretty thick coat and gets hot easily even if she's recently been groomed.   Within about 30 minutes, without a fan she had already started panting.    But Jingle would rather be left home alone than me to leave her with someone else.   If I took her to my Mom's and left, she would have started these mournful sounding cries and howls and wouldn't have stopped until she could spot me.    She sounds like she's in pain if I leave her.    They're some of  the most heartbreaking sounds I've heard in my life.     
Jingle on her First Day W/ Us

I ended up deciding I was going to just keep the whole dog gang here under my supervision.   If they were going to suffer with no AC, I felt it was my responsibility to at least watch over them.   After I dropped Joey off with his Dad,   I drove around a little in my car with the AC blasted at its highest to try and actually get cold!   (Didn't work)    But by the time I got home the electricity was back on ... for a little while.

Due to the circumstances, all of the dogs were roaming my house while we had rushed out.     When I got back, it looked like they had a toga party while I was gone.    Seriously, I was gone maybe 30 minutes.    I came home to a bag of hamburger buns that had been torn open with everyone enjoying a little midnight snack of these high quality buns AND a roll of toilet paper was shredded.    Who knows who actually did the deeds and how they even got to these things, but I know they all joined in and had a little bit of fun.    Glad they found something to take their mind off the heat!  :)   And I'm glad to say the electricity did come back on and stayed on.

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