Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dachshund Eyes and Cockapoo Paws

There's always something about each  breed that I find particularly cute.   With Dachshunds, it's the way they can look at you with the most pleading, imploring and guilt inducing eyes.    We've had plenty of doxies in our house and they're so irresistable when they look up at you with these eyes.    They're really like a canine version of sirens from mythology - you can't look away and you certainly can't refuse them!   And God help you if they're actually in trouble at that moment!  ha ha   Joe (my son) and I are always saying to each other - "Beware, they have their dachshund eyes!"   Joe does this hilarious thing where he gets very dramatic and says stuff like "Must .... Resist .... Dachshund ..... Eyes ....."  and then he gives up and proceeds with a big 'ol belly rub.   Saburo has some serious dachshund eyes!    Thank goodness he knows great responsibility comes with great power. 

Then there's these paws of a Cockapoo - I don't know why, but so often they look ENORMOUS compared to the dog itself.   My brother's family had a full blooded black cocker spaniel named Snickers.   I remember my niece and nephew used to say they reminded them of burnt biscuits - I love that comparison.   It's really true and a cute way of looking at them.  

Natsumi's paws aren't quite burnt biscuits - more like carmalized biscuits!   I think they're just so adorable and love to pet them and look at them.     I must spend way too much time with dogs if I put so much thought into various body parts.  :)

Saburo is doing much better today - he was diagnosed with a URI.   (upper respiratory infection) and I didn't have to change my pjs or my sheets last night thanks to nonstop vomitish liquid stuff.  

Tomorrow is Natsumi's appointment with the opthamologist.   I'm a little nervous.   I've heard this vet is amazing, but quite lacking in bedside manner.     That doesn't thrill me since I'm already stressed about the sweet girl.    I'm hoping I come away with some hope about her glaucoma and treatment.    I really hope she doesn't lose an eye - I know she's blind but there's something so disturbing about having to surgically remove her little eye.

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  1. I will be praying for Natsumi, she is a beautiful girl. She is lucky to have you and Joey.