Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saburo LOVES Suzie

If only Saburo's love was returned ... he wouldn't have to try soooo hard to get Suzie's attention and be at his cutest 100% of the time.   The poor dog needs a rest! :)    Joey and I joke why Saburo annoys Suzie so much since she usually loves the younger dachshund boys.   (Suzie can be quite the cougar! ha)  She reacted this way to only one other male dachshund, and he was a mixed bred as well.    Since she's been listening to me while reading the Harry Potter books out loud,  we think she's decided dachshund MUDBLOODS are beneath her.   She's only interested in puerbred dachshunds.    Even though Tina is a lot more mellow than Suzie, I think they could have been named Bellatrix (Suzie) and Narcissa (Tina) ;)

I'm convinced Saburo actually might be growing on her because she was actually licking his fur today!   My elation was a little tempered when I discovered some pasta sauce had been accidentally spilled on him.    But still!!! I have to think it's some improvement if she was interacting with him and not trying to use one of the unforgivable curses on him.

Not even ONE goodnight kiss?
Saburo just keeps trying to get Suzie's attention and even when she snarls at him or snaps at him, he only  slinks away with sadness in his eyes.   He doesn't respond with anger or aggression, even though he's twice her size.   

Suzie is doing quite well.    Her breathing seems to be improving every day.   If it were science project time for Joey, I think it would be interesting for him to track how "normal" her breathing is in comparison to the air quality of the day.   Today was a beautiful day and the air quality was defined as moderate, so I don't think it's just a coincidence that her breathing looked almost normal.

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