Tuesday, August 3, 2010

RUFF Night

Ooooooooo  I don't feel so good
Last night was one of those nights that's like having a newborn baby - lots of gross bodily fluids and no sleep.   One of my new foster dogs, Saburo, spent the entire night hacking up clear liquid with white foam on top.    Unfortunately, more than once it landed on me.   So I had to change PJs twice during the night.    He also barfed in the bed right by my head, so at 2:30 in the morning I was up changing my bed clothes and watching the rebroadcast of Oprah since I couldn't sleep.    One of the advantages to having been laid off is that I have oodles of time to make vet appointments.   I have one this morning for my sweet boy, Saburo.    Oh yeah, he's the guy I'm sure I won't have more than a few weeks.    He's a beautiful dog and unbelievably sweet.    He's the size of a standard dachshund, but he's probably got hound mixed in there.    He's a foster dog that knows how to "work it" at adoption events.   He lets everyone know that he's there and ready for attention and belly rubs AND he has those soulful dachshund eyes which make you want to scoop him up and carry him home.     For now, I'm glad he's with me.   He's such a joy - hosuebroken AND polite AND socialized.    I love helping the dogs learn to love and trust humans again, but sometimes it's nice to have a dog that is already there.    Off we go to the vet ....

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