Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Silly Saburo

Mutsumi Saburo
Everyone asks me where we come up with these crazy names, and it's usually from Joey's anime passion.    Saburo is pronounces SOB ER OH and he's a character out of Joey's favorite anime, Keroro.   It's about a group of alien frogs who are trying to invade earth and when the invasion is aborted, a single platoon is left behind.  These Keronians fall in love with humans and their habits and generally get sidetracked from their invasion planning.     It's actually pretty funny and I enjoy watching it with him.    This is the character that Saburo is named after, a very "cute", very cool anime male character.     Joey wanted to use his first name - Mutsumi - but that's way too close to Natsumi for me.   I get corrected a couple of times a day on how I pronounce it.   Remember that scene from Harry Potter with Hermione "It's not leviosa, it's leviosAH."   That's what it feels like for me.  :)

Saburo (the dog) is just an attention monger - the dog seriously can not get enough in the way of belly rubs, kisses, and general adoration.    No matter what position he's in, he will ALWAYS end up in a position for a belly rub.   He looks undeniably cute and we can hardly ever resist him.     In fact, if we try to resist him - we are showered with thousands of Saburo kisses.    EVEN in the middle of the night.   Last night I was at the point I even tried to get under the cover, but he was not to be denied his belly rubs.    He's also a professional "nose wedger" which dachshunds seem to be the best at.   No matter who is sitting on our lap or getting attention, Saburo will slowly slink toward us until his nose is within striking distance!  Then, in just a matter of moments he has used his nose to wedge between one of us and the dog he was pushing aside.    He is then able to get long term belly rubs and pass on a few kisses .... mission accomplished, the Saburo nose wedge strikes again!

Crazy Sleeping Pose
Saburo also seems to think when I'm making the bed then it's really just a perfect time, with plenty of room for his belly rub maneuvers!    Tonight I was putting on new sheets(uh, yeah, Saburo puked on me again last night - he had obviously eaten grass)    When I was making the bed I literally put him on the floor 4-5 times, but he didn't care - he jumped right back up and proceeded to offer his belly up for rubs and tickles.    I tried "NO", "OFF", "DOWN", "GO", etc.    He generally understands no, so it's clear that he believes belly rubs are of such importance that any rule can be broken.    Such a scamp!

Saburo says "GRRR" in his Sleep
Saburo is a great foster.   I've already had a couple of calls on him and at adoption events people have been interested in him.   He's house broken, he's sweet, he's cute - he's just a fantastic dog.     I'll have him with me at PetCo in Kirkwood this Saturday from 11-3.

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  1. Hi Kim, I love the pictures of Saburo! He looks like quite a character. :-)