Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dog Wash Day

Cooper, Joey and Hopper
We decided not to attend the adoption event today.    We usually go to an event every Saturday from 11-3 but today we had some things we needed to take care of.   Joey is starting 7th grade on Monday - YIKES - where did the time go?    I figured a low key weekend would be the best for all of us.    While just hanging out at home, though, with Joey listening to his Japanese pop I decided to bathe all but 2 of the dogs.    Two of our perma dogs are Schnoodles, Hopper and Cooper.   They are so dramatic after taking a bath - they run through the house rubbing their bodies on any type of soft material they can find.    One would think they had acid on them that they're trying to wipe off.    Any moment they happen to pause and look up, I am told in no uncertain terms in their doggy eyes that I am indeed a traitor.  :)  After all the drama and work, though, I have some very clean, pretty and nice smelling dogs.    After I give them a bath I refuse to let them into the yard until they're completely dry.   If not they'll find a dead worm to roll around in or one will talk the other one into pooping so they have a fresh pile to roll in.   "Hey Coopuh, if you could uh Poopuh right there I'll give you my treat later."   I know ... eeeewwww ... but that's what dogs like to do.     They give a whole new meaning to the terms "Stop, Drop and Roll." ;)

I got the disappointing news that Suzie needs to stay at the vet through Monday.    Now this is getting really scary for me.    The vet said she's not out of the woods yet and that she would do better in a quiet environment.   She's eating well but her breathing is still somewhat labored.  

Usually if I have a foster in the hospital I go visit them every day, but this vet's office isn't set up like that.    We haven't seen Suzie since Thursday and I asked the vet if she seemed sad and he told me that's not what I needed to worry about.   Sorry, but I think that should be included in my concerns about her!    I get annoyed at vets very easily ... vet techs ... receptionists ... anyone who treats me or the dog like this is just a run of the mill ordinary situation for a run of the mill ordinary animal.     I think vets who are the most appealing are the ones who don't lose their compassion and realize how huge this event might be to the person who is caring for this pet even though they may have seen it dozens of times.

Dr. Kee
There is a vet that practices at Webster Groves Animal Hospital (this is not where Suzie is) and her name is Dr. Kee.   She is the most amazing vet in the world.   A few months ago I had to put my beloved cat, Quincy, to sleep.    She could not have been more loving and understanding with both myself and Quincy.    She later sent me a sympathy card.   I will never, ever forget the kindness she showed us.   I wish more people understood how something so simple  can have a profound impact on someone and be a part of their consciousness for the rest of their lives.    I need to send Dr. Kee a note and let her know how important she was.   I've told many people about her, but I should share it with her.   Maybe it would have a profound impact on her!  

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  1. I am horribly worried about Suzie, we are all still praying here that all is well and she gets to come home SOON!