Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dog Day of Summer

Today was a local vaccination event held by Operation Spot in Tower Grove Park called Hope For The Animals Day.      They provided low cost vaccinations and micro chipping.   It was unbelievable how reasonable it was!   We had to stand in line for a couple of hours, but it was pretty pleasant.   We were surrounded by dog lovers and if we paid attention,  we were in the shade more often than not.   They also provided a blessing for the animals, but I missed out due to the lines.  
The turnout was huge - from what I've heard, this is the largest they've ever seen.    We were able to get Cooper and Hopper both micro chipped for $10/each.    Cooper and Cynthia received their bordatella and distemper for a total of $25 each and Cynthia got her rabies for $10.      Had I gone the usual route, I would have paid around that just for basic vaccinations for one dog - no micro chipping!    It was really perfect timing.   With recently being laid off, it was scary to figure out where I was going to come up with the money to vaccinate Cynthia and Cooper.    Jingle and Hopper had already been done for the year, thank goodness.    Fostering dogs, though, it would be extremely dangerous to not make sure my own dogs were kept up on vaccinations.   Cooper was actually due a few weeks ago, right around the time I lost my job.    Luckily I found out about this event and waited for August 15th to roll around.

We also got to visit with a couple of people in our group who are also foster families.   It was nice seeing them at such a big event, but we had all known each other was going and coordinated a time via facebook just this morning.   Isn't the digital age beyond amazing?
As I shared with you yesterday, my dogs act like a bath is deadly and awful and atrocious.   Now take that knowledge and imagine what they were like getting vaccinations and microchips ...  Yes, both Hopper and Cooper made a scene and acted like someone was trying to kill them.   Hopper was probably the most hilarious right before he got his microchip.     Just when the vet tech was getting him in position, and hadn't even shown him the needle and he began screaming and howling in pain.    I was so proud ... my dramatic ways have been passed down to my canine family members.  :)   Cynthia is my crazy girl who came from a hoarder and still has a few screws loose ... pretty but crazy ... and she was the best behaved.   Geesh, did she ever make Hopper and Cooper look like the nutty duo. 


I would not have gotten so much accomplished today without Joey's help.     The event lasted from 2-4 and at 3:15, I realized I was not going to be through the vaccination line.   I asked a volunteer what would happen at 4 and she said as long as we were in the line at 4, we would receive the item.   I had Joe and Hopper go over to the Avid microchip line while I stayed in the vaccination line with Cynthia and Cooper.   Of course, Drama Dog Cooper had to cry and whine as Joey and Hopper walked away.  He hates seeing his boy go somewhere without him, especially if Hopper gets to go!  At one point while we were in line, I could hear Hopper's bark and whine because Cooper would respond.    They were hollering at each other across the park.    It was kind of funny but a little nutty - those two have terribly high pitched crazy making yips!     
Joe Getting in A Manga Break With Cooper by His Side

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