Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So Many Need A Second Chance

Today was one of those days that a couple of emails came across our group list that show the horror unwanted dogs have to live.    It's days like this that I can feel overwhelmed as one person and question if I'm making a difference.      But when I start to feel like this, I try to think of that saying "Saving One Dog at a Time."    That's what we do - we're a small group, but we have literally saved the lives of hundreds of dogs.    When I first started fostering I was told one thing I have to understand, I don't have to like it, but I have to understand "We can't save them all."  No, we can't.    Right now, the need is too great and the resources are too limited.     But ... one of us can save one dog today and one of us can save one dog tomorrow and so on and so on and so on.     I used to think I was a pessimist, but I it's pretty clear I'm an optimist if I can get through a tough day by repeating the "Saving One Dog at a Time" saying.  :)
Here's a link to one of the new fosters in our group     

This and another senior shih tzu were in a local shelter, turned in by their owners.     They were both so matted, it was unclear if they could even see.      After they were groomed, it turned out that at least one of them had mold growing on her.   How does that happen in our "civilized society?"    How is a dog so mistreated and neglected that the owners can turn them into animal control without any repurcussions of the condition these dogs are in?    From what I've heard, the paperwork they turned in was misleading so that prevented action from being taken against them ... I guess.     How do these people sleep at night? 

Here's another dog that needs to be rescued out of a shelter.    He's pretty cute - how does a dachshund less than a year old end up in a shelter?    Right now our group is pretty full on dogs and pretty low on finances, so we are forwarding his picture around to try and find another rescue to get him out.  

There was also news of a deaf and blind 8 week puppy being dumped in the parking lot of a southern Missouri shelter parking lot.   Someone has already stepped up to the plate to help this little one out. 

The sad thing is, these examples are just a handful of stories of dogs needing someone to give them a second chance.   The dog in the picture above is only one dog in one shelter in our small area of the country.    There are countless other dogs, puppies, cats and kittens that need people to step up to the plate and help them - all across St. Louis, Missouri and the United States.    Maybe you can't foster, maybe you're limited on time, but maybe you could pledge to give up your daily latte for a month and use that money to donate to help a dog out?    Go to our petfinder page and you can sponsor any of the animals you see there :

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