Friday, August 13, 2010

Triskaidekaphobia !!

I'm not really a superstitious person, but give me an extra reason to be stressed and I'll unfortunately take it!   I have to admit my worries about Suzie were elevated  because it IS Friday the 13th, after all!!     I'm one of those people that have to get on the vet staff's nerves ... starting at 9:30 am I started calling.     And when I couldn't get a straight answer my mind started working overtime and I got really nervous something was wrong.   My first call  went nowhere because nobody was in the office yet that had been there yesterday to tell me how she was doing in comparison.    My next call went nowhere because I needed to talk to the vet and he was with a patient.   Finally on my call at 12:30 when I was getting a "run around" I said "Listen, I don't need any test results.   Just let me know she's alive and ok."      The person who answered the phone went and checked and let me know she was ok.    Heavy sigh of relief!    I received a call directly from the vet which went into my voice mail and then I was able to talk to him directly around 4:30. 

The good news is that Suzie is doing better today and that the EKG and XRay of her heart shows no heart issues nor any cancer.    The concern is her lungs, they are definitely filled with something ... the question is if it's infection or something else.    I'm certainly not an expert, but my concern is that she had no fever.    How would she have an infection if she had no fever?   The bad news is they decided to keep her another night and I'm supposed to call first thing in the morning.   Honestly, this vet's office is not even 5 minutes from my house - I think I'm going to just show up there.   :)

Tina Missing Suzie Too
I really miss little Suzie.    Last night was a night that Joey was at his Dad's house so  Suzie and Tina have no choice but to sleep with me.    Not having Suzie around to cuddle during that night was really weird.    Tina seems to be doing ok ... much more low key than usual so I'm sure she misses her "sissy."   I felt so bad for her that I let her sleep however she wanted on my pillow last night.   That meant a pretty rough night's sleep for me - no Suzie to cuddle, Tina being a pillow hog, and I was already doing somersaults in my mind about Suzie's hospitalization.   There was too much uncertainty last night and I made the biggest mistake of all ... I started googling her possible illnesses, etc.       That is just a one way ticket to paranoid land down a river of tears!   :)    I got myself so worried that I finally just stopped and distracted myself with about a dozen games of Super Mario Bros for Wii.     

Remember, Friends Don't Let Friends Google! :) 

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