Thursday, August 19, 2010

Natsumi Keeps Blossoming

Cooper and Saburo Joining in Exploring with Natsumi
Natsumi is doing better and better and acting like a happy dog, along with all the other dogs in the house.     Today she had a breakthrough - she was actually PLAYING with Saburo.    It was so cute, she was crouching down and then stomping both her big 'ol front paws down on the ground egging him on.    It was amazing to see.   It was completely unexpected, for both Saburo and I.  :)   Saburo looked a little confused at first, but he went along and joined in the fun.   She seemed so happy and carefree - it was really a beautiful moment.  Even our resident "Fun Police"
T Rex joined in the games.   Now that is absolute proof of what a magical few minutes it was.    I wish I could have caught it on camera, but it's a moment I missed.

Today Natsumi also stole one of the mini loofa toys that all my dogs seem to love - they're these great, long toys that have good squeakers inside them.   They're some of my favorite toys to buy because they always have different ones to match the season!  You can find them basically anywhere.     Back to Natsumi - I couldn't believe it, she picked it up off the living room floor and just trotted off to her area in my bedroom.    Natsumi has her own little corner in my room, and that's where she spends the majority of her time.   She's made herself a little nest with lots of empty cans dog food and other treasures she's found around the house.      It's pretty common for breeder or puppy mill dogs to need their own "safe place."   She does need her solitary, quiet time but she will come out and visit during the day or evening.    Last night when I went to sleep, I made a point to pick her up and rub her tummy for quite a while.    These dogs don't understand they can ask for this attention a lot of times, so we have to just give it them and they'll start to understand it's a normal part of daily life.    She just absorbs love and attention like a sponge.    When ever she's being pet and loved, she turns into a little statue - like she doesn't want to move and end this bliss.     That's pretty common too, my own dog Jingle is like that.    She's a puppy mill survivor and though she's come leaps and bounds, she still has a lot of behaviors that show she spent a lot of time not being a pet.

Enjoying the Sun
With one of Her favorite empty cans in the background
Natsumi has also been exploring in my back yard and even sunning herself the last week or so.   It's so great to see a dog like this participate in basic, normal dog behaviors.    Up until recently she would stay outside for only the smallest amount of time necessary.   But one day I discovered she was just enjoying sitting in the sun and then a couple of days later, I found her exploring the back yard and even finding something that got the attention of some of the other dogs.

Hmmmm, I wonder what's over here?
Natsumi would do best in a home that does not have a high noise level.   I've noticed if we have our TV or game too loud, it seems to throw her off and make her nervous.   It makes sense - with her limited vision her hearing is that much more sensitive.   She'd also do well in a home as an only dog or with a dog that is tolerant of her bumping into them.    I really hope Natsumi finds a home soon.   She's a sweet girl, and she will require patience.   She's doing really well on the housebreaking but still hasn't figured out how to let me know she needs to go outside.   

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  1. I just can't get over how beautiful she is! Its so rewarding to see them blossom into fun, loving dogs! Great work Kim and Joe!