Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nighty Night ... Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Goodnight Kiss From Tina
Bedtime is my favorite time I think.  I get to read to Joey and I'm usually choosing books I want to read too!  One of those sneaky parenting things I can do all for his "benefit" hehe   He's an unbelievably smart kid and I tell people time and time again it's because he's been read to virtually every night of his life.   Even when I was pregnant, I read to him.   I can't imagine the day where we don't get to share this special time together.   Right now we're finishing up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows and I can barely put the book down.   I think it's especially exciting because it's the only Harry Potter book we've read without seeing the movie first.    The movies are great, but these books are beyond fantastic.    They're really spectacular pieces of fiction.

Goodnight Kiss From Saburo
When it's bedtime, there's a place for all fosters and permas in Joe's room.  Tina, is always snuggled right up to Joey next to his pillow.   She expects ... well actually demands to be hugged by him all night long.    Suzie has her own special dog bed at the end of Joey's bed.   TRex was recently given his own bed in Joey's room and the only place left was bed on the floor which he seems to be supremely happy with.   And, Saburo ... well  Saburo can be found in the middle of the space of  whichever dog is getting the most attention at that moment. 

"MINE, they're all MINE" :)
Here's Suzie so happy to be in her bed tonight ... she's a very diplomatic dog and divides her time between Joe and I on the nights he's not at his Dad's house.   She generally shows up in my room around 2-3 in the morning.    She wakes me up every night with her crazy little whine/bark and I get up and put  her in the bed.    These are two of her favorite toys with her and we had to save them while she was in the hospital.   What is it about dogs when they know a toy is another dog's favorite - they HAVE to have it?    Both toys had been stolen out of her bed, so we put them up high and presented them back to her tonight.    Was she ever happy.   By the time I left Joey's room, she had covered herself up with her toys.    The bird I have no idea where that came from, but we got the pink poodle at a great pet store in Hannibal, MO when we were there for Tom Sawyer Days.

Happiness is using toys as a blanket ...
The bed that Joey gave to Suzie as her own is way too big for just her.   Two other dogs could comfortably fit in there with her, but this is Suzie's bed - filled with Suzie's toys.    Nobody better even LOOK in her direction and act like they're going to join her.   If they brave the ferocious snarl of this 9 lb dachshund, she will have a little diva fit and jump out of the bed acting all horrified.   It's at that point, Joey or I will remove the offending dog party and allow her back into her little bed that serves as her night time throne. 

TRex is a LONG TERM foster.   We've had him since March, 2009.   He came from a puppy mill - that's a story I'll definitely have to pass on later.    He's a very sweet and unique boy, but he's never really gotten much attention at adoption events.    From what I hear, he has the epitome of a min pin personality ... he just doesn't look like a lot of other min pins.   :)   One of my favorite things about him is that he has this hilarious ritual for getting his sleeping spot comfortable.   I got some of it on video tonight, I missed the part where he rares and dances like a deer which is probably the funniest part, but you can still see the seriousness with which TRex takes his zzzzzzs.     Make sure to turn the sound down - Joey's fan was on and it sounds crazy! :)

And to all a good night ...

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