Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1000 Clicks

We get weekly updates from Petfinder showing the number of views each dog available for adoption through our group receives.   In the past month, Natsumi has received a weekly average around 250.    That means, someone actually clicked on her picture and read her bio 250 times in a 7 day period.    The one thing the report doesn't tell us the number of users.    Theoretically, this could be 250 single people viewing her or one person obsessively viewing her 250 times in one week.

No matter how it shakes out, I don't understand why she hasn't been adopted.    I NEVER have fosters that are viewed over 200 times in a week.    That frenzy is usually reserved for puppies or rare breeds.   Saburo was getting around 90 a week, which I am thrilled with and TRex averages less than 30 a week.

At first it seemed that Natsumi's rise in popularity began with her being spotlighted as a "Dog of the Week" by our dedicated blogger, Elisa.   I figured it would be a blip in the graph of views but it would go back down to my usual foster average.    But, it hasn't.      She's right below the heavy hitting puppies every single week.   :)

Now that I have accepted that she's a popular view, I'm curious as to why I have her still.    She is such a hit at any event she goes to.     She's so cute and so sweet.    I have to guess it's her vision problems that make people nervous.     I had a hard time watching her the first few days she was here, there was something so pitiful about her bumping into things.    But she doesn't do that anymore and she acclimated amazingly quickly and well.   I just can't move things around too much or she gets very nervous when there's an unexpected obstacle in her way.

She is so sweet and mellow.   I have to put eye drops in her eye twice a day and I just have to say "Natsumi, time for eye drops" and she goes right over to her favorite dog bed and lets me put them in.   These eye drops cost about $46 for a large bottle and they last about 7 months.     I'm keeping the faith and I have to believe one of those 1000 clicks will result in Natsumi finding her forever home.

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