Thursday, October 28, 2010

One of those weeks ...

Yeah, it's been one of those weeks that brought a poster to mind I had when I was a teenager.   Actually, I think every teenage girl on the planet probably had a similar poster.  ;)  

I've been feeling under the weather for a while.   Just when I thought I was getting better, I ended up feeling worse than ever last night.    It's my usual May & October issue with allergies that end up turning into some sort of infection.  And with no insurance and no job - I'm not up for spending at least $125 for a Dr visit and some meds.  boohoo    I'm very disappointed because I was going to go to a very well publicized puppy mill auction tomorrow.    It's an auction of one of the most notorious millers in Missouri.   This miller had a pet store and an expose was done on them showing exactly where the dogs came from - a puppy mill with over 1000 dogs.     Rescue groups from across the country, Canada and even Europe are working together to get as many of these of 800+ dogs out of the system.     The sad thing is, many of them have been in the mill since 2000.     10 years and all they've known is the life trapped inside a cage.   That's so unthinkable.     There's worry among rescues that these dogs will be very hard to place and we might be taking on a lot of financial liability.   But you know what, we're in it to help the dogs.   And right now we'd better walk the walk if we're going to talk the talk about Proposition B.   And I'm happy to say our little group will be represented at this auction, I just won't be one of the volunteers in attendance.

My computer is also still messed up.   The virus is gone, but I can't access the Internet right now.  blech.    Joey received ISS (in school suspension) from a teacher he has had a very difficult time with.   She speaks with a heavy accent, she teaches math, she won't allow questions in class and it's just not a conducive environment for Joe to learn in.   Yeah, I'm the blind Mom who sees no wrong in their kid.   Actually, I do see wrong - I just don't see what he does as Wrong as others do.    Why do you think he was written up?  Because he said his teacher could be a "professional statue" ... sigh ... there are so much worse things a 12 year old kid could do.    My neighbor turned me into the health department AGAIN for having too many dogs.   The last time this happened I was hysterically upset.    This time I'm just pissed.   I knew something would happen because I had a nasty note on my door a couple of weeks ago saying that I left my hose on and it leaked into her basement and ruined her throw rug.      I have to admit, I googled "how to secretly mess with your neighbor" last night.     Nothing came up good and even though I am sorely tempted I wouldn't  do anything.   I really do believe in what goes around comes around and I'm terrified if I do something intentionally crappy to someone my luck will get even worse.

Today I had a fun day taking my drug test for my new job.    The first time I "provided my specimen" I didn't get it to the fill line as needed.     I am very uncoordinated when peeing in a cup - it was a monthly ordeal when I was pregnant with Joey.    Well, when I took my pee cup out to the medical assistant, she started sloshing it around to see if it was full enough.    When they decided it wasn't, they had a little committee of 3 of them asking me why I couldn't pee enough.   I lied, of course, and told them I spilled some instead of saying half of it when all over my hand.    One was really rude "How could you spill it?"    Well, it IS possible considering the precarious situation and ickiness.     So I'm told if I don't submit a sample within 3 hours I will automatically fail the test.   I asked them why I couldn't just add to the pee I already had and they told me because they test it onsite, it all has to be the same temp.   (Anyone got a microwave!?! ha)   So.... for the next hour I sit in my little exam room and chug water every five minutes.   I was so freaked out that I wanted to make sure I really had to pee and the girl kept checking on me every 10 mins which did not relieve any amount of stress.   AARRGGHH

So, there was general applause when I peed aplenty.    But here's where it gets really good.    I don't know why, but they choose my pee to teach someone how to do one of these tests.     And ... you guessed it!!!  The girl screwed up, invalidated the test and they had to send it off to the lab anyway.    Oh yeah, they ended up pouring a bunch of my pee out so and if they had just taken the first batch and sent it off I would have an hour back of my life.    There's gotta be a lesson in all of this somewhere .... right?    Until then, baby - I'm hangin' in there!  :)

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