Saturday, October 16, 2010

Slow Adoption Day

Spider Girls, Spider Girls ....sing it with me now!
Our group had 3 adoption events today and I don't think anyone was adopted.     We were at the Science Center, PetCo and Four Muddy Paws.    I think most everyone in St. Louis had their mind on enjoying the beautiful fall weather.    It's kind of like we're reminded on days like this that winter is headed our way so we'd better just take it easy and hang outside while we're able.

I had Suzie, Tina, Natsumi and my own dog Jingle with me.    It was girls only since Joey was camping and TRex is still wearing his "cone of shame" as Elisa likes to put it.  :)    I did force everyone to wear Halloween costumes, but that's one of my favorite parts of October. 

CoCo The CUTIE!!
Here's a picture of another volunteer's foster dog.    CoCo,  is up for adoption and from what I hear he is a fantastic little dog.    Not only is he adorable, but he's housebroken and loving.    He's a little  Pomeranian but he reminds me of a collie because of his beautiful coloring.    We were at  Four Muddy Paws today and that's the perfect type of event  for CoCo and many other dogs.   People really get the chance to see the true personality of the dog because the environment is so relaxing and playfu.    At PetCo, CoCo tends to bark a lot because it's so much more hectic and stressful there.     People see a crazy barking dog and they pass him by, but that's just how he is at PetCo because he's stressed out.    But today he was sweet and loving and an absolute joy to be around - which is how he is at his foster home.   He is just a doll ... if only I had room.  ;)  We're not sure of his age because his teeth were in bad shape.   People will try to determine the age of the dog by the shape their teeth are in   But that's so unreliable.   For example, f you have a little dog and their teeth weren't taken care of the dog could be 5-6 years old but their teeth look like they came from a 10-12 year old dog.     His teeth say 10, but his energy level and playfulness put him around 5 or 6.

Just to update you on Burton - he is doing great.    He's playing like mad and has let me hear what a gigantic, TREMENDOUS bark he has.    He loves squeaky toys sooo much.    One of my favorite thing about dachshunds is that they know how to play with a squeaky toy!!  (Not my schnoodles!)  Dachshunds  always seem find the squeaker and they will not let go!   It's  squeak squeak squeak squeak, nonstop.   He's even drug some toys out from underneath my furniture I had forgotten about.  The day he came home from the hospital, I bought him a special Halloween squeaky toy and he destroyed the squeaker, but he still loves that toy.   I'm convinced he knows I bought that one especially for him.
I put Burton on Petfinder just this morning because we have a "donate" button next to all of our fosters.   If someone can't adopt a dog, but they might want to send a donation to our group it's an easy way for them to send a donation our way.   Due to the cost of his hospitalization, I thought I could try and get some donations to help pay for his care.   Surprisingly enough, I received an email today from someone that's interested in him because he won't be available to go to a new home for 1-2 months!  What was really odd, the lady mentioned her last dog's name was Mario.   Isn't the universe so mysterious and great sometimes?      When something like that happens, I always take it as a message of hope and love.   In this case, from Mario.  

Today I saw a beautiful sign hanging inside Four Muddy Paws and now I want one!  I found it to be very sweet and soothing .    I looked it up and found a number of places online to buy this beautiful SIGN.


  1. Aw Kim, I LOVE this sign. It made me cry. The doggie pictures are great. Sorry I couldn't be there. My new room's not finished, but at least I got some stuff done!

  2. I agree Tracy, I love the sign, I just pray that I will see all those babies again.