Friday, October 22, 2010

Ready For Trivia Nite

 A few of us met at Carpenter's Hall tonight to get the place spiffy and ready to go for tomorrow night.    Joey and I were charged with putting up the Halloween decorations, like we did last year.     There's something so fun about putting up decorations     Lesa was nice enough to treat us all to some pizza too - YUM!

It sounds like we have a sold out evening, which will hopefully raise a good amount of money for our group.     We're a little group, but we are mighty when we put our minds together for the good of the group.  :)

Joe ... Decoratin' Fool
Burton has turned into quite the mischief maker ... this little dog can not bear me typing on the computer.   He keeps jumping in my lap and trying to stomp around on the desk.   I've put him down about 6 times already.   This last time, he worked his long doxie body around my neck and he had his head resting on my head.   Ok, fine, I'll try to deal with that ... but then he burped!!  EEWWW   I could just imagine wet dog puke dripping down my face, so I put him down asap.    For any of you WWE fans out there, Burton is definitely a high flyer!   He can jump so high and it drives me crazy because we know dachshunds shouldn't be doing this stuff!

The other day I was soooo frustrated with Burton.   Remember me blogging about getting trivia nite baskets together?   Well ... Burton found his way into the gated area and decided to shred the plastic covering on some of them.   I FREAKED.   I mean, Gerry and Linda worked very hard to shrink wrap these baskets and put them in just perfect order.    What in the world was I going to do?   I had to go to 3 different dollar stores, but I finally found some clear gift basket bags and some fancy bows to cover up his dirty deed.    He even nibbled on one of the gift certificates inside the basket.    What a typical male doxie he is!!  :)     I didn't dare tell Lesa, Gerry and Linda what had happened until I fixed the problem.  They have been super stressed about preparing for trivia nite and I did NOT need to add Burton's Badness Madness to the mix.  ;)

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