Friday, October 1, 2010

Dress Up Day!

Yes, that shirt does say Drama Queen underneath the wings

Spider Girls Unite!
What better way to start off October than to try on various things to see how they look on the dogs.  :) And, in this case figure out how to work the contraptions!  :)    PetSmart has these very cute, simple and inexpensive costumes this year.    Today I picked up one set of fairy wings for Jingle and two sets of spider legs for Suzie and Tina.    At first, I  was going to get all fairy wings but I thought Suzie and Tina would look better with spider legs.    Tina is so hilarious about dog clothes - she LOVES them.   The thing is, she has these massively stubby legs so almost everything starts falling down and she gets tripped up.   I have to buy things that are tank tops or something similar.   Short sleeves are even too long for her low riding legs.   These spider legs perfectly fit the bill because they fit on the dog with the use of straps with Velcro at the ends - no slippage issues!    She was unbelievably excited once she got them on.   She was running full throttle all around the place.  I think getting dressed in her last home meant a car ride or something.    Or maybe she's just a chunky doxie fashionista.    Suzie, on the other hand, was constantly trying to shake them off.   She likes dressing too but I think the spider legs offended her.   ;)

I also put a Jack O'Lantern tshirt on TRex last night.    With the weather getting chillier, he needs to wear  something to stay warm.    He has disc issues in his neck and a good friend of mine and a min pin expert told me to never let his little neck get cold.    After following that advice last winter after she told me, he never had to go to the vet for any more steroid shots.    What a wonderful time of year it is when I have to dress up a dog.  ;)    Last year I kept him in this little polo and I have to admit it was not figure flattering for the rotund Rex.     The Jack O'Lantern looks especially hilarious on him because he's so round - it's just perfect for him.

Elisa in our group is going to help me raise some money for Suzie's prior vet bills (she's up to $2,000 now) and I feel personally responsible for it so I'd like to do something to help the group out.     Elisa requested that I take pictures of her and at first she wanted me to put her in the ballerina dress that Jingle is modeling up above.    As I explained to Elisa, Jingle would just not tolerate someone modeling HER dress.    Especially a PINK dress.   Elisa, Elisa, Elisa ... :)    So I put Suzie in this cute "Pucci" looking dress, or should I say Poochie Dress.   I wish I could get her eyes to not glow!   

OMG    Tina just kissed me!!


  1. They are all adorable, but I LOVE T Rex in his shirt, I can't quit laughing :)

  2. OMG T-rex! LOL oh and cool pix from Suzie we can use them on our Halloween twitter raffle!

  3. I loooove the spider pix of Suzie too though, she looks very classy with the dress :) we can use both types of pix, do you have any of Suzie spider alone?