Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WOW What a difference a week can make

Chris one of the techs who cared for Burton
I was able to pick Burton up from the hospital this morning.    Everyone thought he was a "depressed" or quiet dog at the hospital.   But I saw the real Burton the first day he was here and knew his true nature is a silly and sweet and lovable boy.   He was so scared when the tech brought him out to me, his entire body was trembling.    He started to calm down when I took him outside, he was doing much better in the car, and then back to his old self as soon as he got do do some "window surfing."   On the way home he insisted that I keep the window down. :) It got chilly, so I finally put it up and I thought the dog was going to use his doxie nose to push it right back down.

Burton enjoying the smell of fresh air!
 Now that he's back home with me, he is doing GREAT.    Burton has actually played a little since  he's  been home.    Hopper and Cooper were playing with a squeaky toy in the back yard and Burton chased after them and when he got a hold of it, he shook it in his mouth like there's not tomorrow.    He's also  been my constant companion since we've been home.     He will not let me out of his sight.   At one point he wanted to go outside, but he kept looking over his shoulder until I joined him before he actually went all the way out.   I sat on the back steps waiting on everyone and he came and sat at my feet.   It struck me as particularly sweet.
The vet said he didn't eat canned food very well, but gobbled down the dry.  I had a choice of either bringing home some special canned food or cooking boiled chicken and white rice for the next 3 days.   Since he wasn't too thrilled with the canned food, I figured cooking for him would be our best bet.   I need to get him to eat 1 1/2 cups of the chicken and rice in small meals about 5 times a day.    The hardest thing about feeding this delicious concoction to Burton is the frenzy it sends every other dog into.    While I was boiling the chicken, all the dogs started gathering around immediately.    Then,  when I took Burton into another room to feed him and him alone were highly offended .

Kimz, dis is wun ob da wurst fings EVUH!
 TRex is having an "obsessive licking" issue.    He's licking either side of his chest like crazy.    It's not to the point that it's caused a bloody hot spot, but it's scabbing over and fairly gross.   I had a shirt on him and that worked for a while,  but then he started licking the shirt.    That almost made his skin worse because he had wet fabric stuck to his skin.   I just got him an ecollar and he hates it.   I guess I'll see how this works.   I haven't decided if he needs to go to the vet.   The last time we had this problem, it was with his paw and they ended up giving him puppy Valium basically to calm him down.    I had to wrap his paw daily in a sock and tape and made a little temporary cast.   By the next morning, he'd have it off and we'd start all over again.   It distracted him and hopefully he'll get so obsessed about this ecollar and getting it off that he'll forget his obsession about licking his chest.   TRex is a very sensitive boy and I wonder if my being so upset this past week has affected him?   Poor guy.    I'm going to try and give him extra attention, love and play time.    Doesn't he look unbelievably pitiful in this?  

I have a VERY good chance at that job - basically if Corp HQ approves a new hire, I'm it! :)

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  1. I am just so glad Burton is back home with you! He is in the best hands :) Poor TRex, he looks absolutely miserable with that ecollar on, I bet it will get his mind off of the licking, at least for awhile.