Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I got a tail wag from Burton!

When I went to visit Burton today, not only did he walk the length of his cage to be held he also wagged his tail on the way.   I felt so much better by just that tiny little movement.   He was a little love bug too.   He acted almost like a cat rubbing his little head against mine and he started "talking" a little bit to me today too.   He hasn't done that since the first day I had him.   :)   YAY   I feel soooooo much more hopeful today.     He was seriously asking for belly rubs and he actually wanted to get down and run around on the floor!  Of course, he's not allowed to do that and I don't think his IV would reach anyway.

When I left, I took a peak at his chart.   He has not thrown up since yesterday morning AND it said he appeared to have eaten a tiny bit.   Today, his bowl looked like there was a tiny bit gone as well.    The vet didn't call me today, I've kind of become a fixture at the vet and now I don't even have to sign in anymore they already know why I'm there.   They don't even attempt to babysit me anymore, but I think they have a webcam in the room.    You know what they say - even paranoids have enemies.  ;)

What's so funny, yesterday and today when I've left he peed all over the place.   I told Joey that's   Burton's way of saying "I'm so glad to see you Kim, I pissed my pants!"  :)   Joey, of course, informed me that Burton doesn't wear pants ... I have a 12 year old buzzkill!  haha

These pics are blurry because it's me trying to take our picture.    With Burton being much more active and curious today, things got a little blurry but I still wanted you to see him looking around and not just lying in my arms.   Burton's future looks so much more promising today.  

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  1. Kim, I had no idea all this was going on. I am so glad Burton (love love love his name!) is doing better. Good grief girl, hang in there!