Monday, October 11, 2010

Burton Seems to be Improving

Feeling Hopeful 10/11/10
 I am so happy to report that Burton seemed so much better this afternoon when I went in to visit.  I had spoken to the vet this morning and learned that he vomited a small amount early in the day.    That means they're pulling his food for 24 hours and giving him an injectable of the anti nausea medication.    I was so disappointed to hear this.

But when I went to visit the little guy, he immediately came over to me and wanted me to hold him.   Then, while I was holding him he actually rearranged his body a little bit so I could give him a belly rub.    While he was in my arms, he was looking all around and acting very curious.    By his behavior, I would have never known he was sick today.    He snuggled right into me and nestled his head under my chin and he also rested his chin on my shoulder.     By the time I put him back in the cage, he really wanted to stay with me but I'm conscientious of my time limit.

His little isolation buddy, the puppy seemed much better too.    The poor little guy was whining for attention.    I talked to him, but since nobody was in the room with me I couldn't ask what the protocol was for giving some much needed love and attention to him.   I saw his name - it's Toby so add this little guy in your prayers as well.

Saburo and Tankerz Snoozing Noz2Noz
 Here's a very happy picture of Saburo and his new fur brother, Tankerz.   I love this picture.    They are  ideal  for each other.    Everyone is so happy with each other and I'm bursting with pride for my boy Saburo.   He really lucked out finding such a wonderful Mom in Tara and a great playmate with Tankerz.    My house is SOOOO quiet without Saburo here.   He has such a giant personality.   I couldn't be happier for everyone involved.

Frankie's ready for chilly nights!
Here's another former foster, Frankie.   When he was with me his name was Barkley and he definitely needed to be an only dog.   He has some jealousy issues with his human in regards to other dogs.  :)   Amy adopted Frankie and she spoils him like an only child should be.     He gets the latest fashions for each season and I love to see how he's decked out.    A couple of us are trying to talk Amy into making an All Frankie Calendar since he pretty much has a matching outfit or hat for every month of the year.    Frankie's another foster that found his perfect home.    He's so lucky.

Thank you my friends for sending me happy pictures to brighten my day.   I love to see the wonderful endings that  these once unwanted dogs find.


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