Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last Grass Cutting Day of 2010 ... woohoo

Burton and Hopper tug of warring over new toy
I am so excited to have gotten my last grass cut in for the year.   I DEPLORE cutting the grass, it drives me crazy.    Plus, you always have to do a "poop check" right before you cut so you're not splashing through anything nasty.     It always strikes me how my world revolves around dogs because with the weather,  my favorite temps and days are based around how it affects the dogs and their bathroom breaks.    Personally, I love rainy days - but I hate how my dogs won't go out in the rain.   Worse, it sucks having to pick up soggy poop in your yard.   I love hot days that bake the turds into little bricks that are easy to pick up, or the chilly days that freezes the turds into poopcicles that are easy to pick up too.     Wet days aren't the only bad days in regards to dog poop.   Days that are just in between that allow the poop to melt instead of harden also suck.    HA   I told you - these are the things I think about.   "Wow, this is a perfect day to pick up dog poop!"  probably isn't how most people react to a beautiful day.

In case you're wondering, this is MY toy
I don't know if Burton has ever been around a lawn mower before.   He didn't show any fear of it, which I don't like to see.    My dogs generally stay in the yard while I'm mowing but very far away.   Burton did choose to poop a great big pile,  in the very small area that I had not cut yet!   Doesn't it figure?  :)

One of my favorite things is Cynthia gets into a frenzy when I cut the grass.  I don't know why, but she just races around my yard in circles with her fluffy pomeranian hair flying behind her.   It is one of my all time favorite things to see.     I wish I could capture it on film, but she would just show up as a blur of black and tan.     Cynthia is always going to be my odd little girl and I love her just the way she is.    She's been more affectionate with me - but always while I'm in the bathroom.  I guess she figures I can't come running after her. ;)

Fuzzy Bird Must DIE !!
We spent a nice bit of time outside this afternoon while the dogs played and pranced around.   It was a really nice afternoon and we all enjoyed being out in it.    I presented Burton with a new toy ... well it was one I had bought on clearance quite a while ago and I just gave it to him today.   I was just explaining to someone this weekend that I buy all of my dog's toys on clearance at PetCo during our adoption events.   So... my dogs get to play with Halloween toys during Christmas and  Valentines Day toys during Easter.   They don't care, it squeaks, it's fluffy ... who cares what color and theme it is?    Today's I think is from Spring or Summer 2009.   It's this really weird bird in a hat with rope legs ... Burton and Hopper played tug of war but as I said yesterday Burton "gets" toys much better than my schnoodles do.

Kimz ... I weady to be FWEE
TRex is adapting quite well to his cone, I'm hoping he can get out of it in a couple of days.   His chest looks so much better.    I admit, I take it off him at night and let him sleep like that.   He looks at me with his ginormous eyes and just pleads with me to let him out ... just like in this photo.  :)    He oddly enough looks really cute in it, doesn't he???

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