Saturday, October 2, 2010

Natsumi was Miss Popularity Today

Tracy and her student helpers
 A few of us spent the late morning and early afternoon at Pets In the City in Soulard.   We had such a great time.    It looked like it was going to be a gloomy, cold day but it warmed up and the sun ended up shining at least as much time as it was cloudy - if not more.    We had a bake sale and had quite a few buyers especially for a small pet store.     There were plenty of customers for the store and almost all of them stopped by to buy a cookie or brownie and to find out more about our group and to pet the dogs.

I had a really nice time.    The only two foster dogs in attendance were TRex and Natsumi.    Everyone in our group loves TRex and can't understand why he hasn't been adopted yet.   I can ... he's NUTS.  :)    He can be an unbelievably sweet dog, but he can also be a little insane.    Coming from a family that has spent many nights in mental lockdown, this IS a compliment and a loving comment.  hahaha   (I bet you're wondering right about now if I'm serious ... or not?  hehehe)

Geri LOVES Natsumi

Another hug for Natsumi

 Not Natsumi, she is just a sweetheart through and through.    She was just beside herself with all the loving pets and attention she was receiving today.   She was pretty nervous when we got there, but by the end of the event she could hardly stop wagging her tail to encourage more attention.   Everyone who meets her falls in love with her, but she does need a special home.    She really needs a home that has zero steps - even going out into the yard.    She would do perfect in a ranch home with a sliding glass door that leads straight out into the back yard.   She also would do well with someone who is retired or works from home.    She  definitely could be an only dog or be a part of dog family and she's great with cats.    Everyone who met her today was very encouraging in believing she will find the perfect home.    I sure hope so.

More love for Natsumi!
Almost everyone wanted to hold Natsumi when they saw how she behaves in someones lap.    There's nothing like cuddling with a furry little dog who WANTS to be in your lap to cheer your day.    As Joey says, once you pick her up she just "melts" into  your body.    She went from lap to lap to lap with complete joy and behaved sweetly through it all.     Most of my own dogs are not interested in being held, they're far too independent for that.    But I do forget how willing Natsumi is to being a lap dog.     If you know of anyone who could handle giving her eye drops twice a day and has no stairs and is home frequently, please let them know about this sweetheart.

At lunch time, we all decided to splurge and get lunch from Nadine's Gin Joint and Cafe  next door.   As many of you probably know, "bar food" is almost always unbelievably yummy and we were not disappointed.     Every one of us who ordered something got something different and all of us were impressed at not only how delicious it was but how much we got.      I got chili with my BLT and it was delicious.   Those who got fries with their burger or sandwich were treated to some of the yummiest, home made fries I've ever seen in my life.   Not only were they so good to eat - they were actually beautiful!   Nadine herself even walked the food over to us when it was done and bought some goodies from our bake sale.    She also treated all the kids in attendance at the bake sale with a free mini sundae!   Tracy had three students with her that were a big help for our bake sale.    By the end of the afternoon, almost everyone has  made plans to head back to Nadine's.  

What would an adoption event be without Joe AND TRex acting like boyz!!    Joe decided he was so exhausted that he had to lie down on the ground and TRex thought this was a great idea as he needed a human couch. 
We IZ Tired - When We'z Leavin?

I dropped Joey off at his Dad's house on my way home and pretty much sunk into a couch potato oblivion until I was forced to get up and feed the hungry crew.   I'll have to take pictures tomorrow, but I felt bad that not everyone had a shirt on so I put this crazy shirt on Tina.   I've already explained the requirements for dog clothes working out on her and one that I have that happens to work ... well let's just say it really does NOTHING for her ample curves being a blue plaid.  ;)

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