Saturday, October 9, 2010

Adoption Day

Today I took Suzie, Tina and Natsumi in for adoption day at PetCo.  I had Suzie and Tina both in cute little dresses and they received tons of compliments.    They looked adorable, but there wasn't anyone really interested in adopting them.     Natsumi received some interest too, but when people hear about her eyesight issues they lose interest.    She needs someone who isn't nervous about a vision impaired dog.   She gets around great and she's such a doll.     She's a very beautiful girl and very sweet, I'm sure the right home is just around the corner.

Nail Clip Time 4 Tina
PetCo's groomers had a special today for rescue dogs getting their nails trimmed at $7 each.   It was completely fortuitous because I had just asked someone this morning how much it cost and they told me they thought $10/each.   Well, $14 for two instead of $20 was a bit easier to swallow so I got both Suzie and Tina taken care of.   With their black nails, I get very nervous about clipping them myself.    Another volunteer helped with Suzie, but doing it in her lap she was only able to take a little off.    I feel really relieved having that taken care of.   One little check mark of something I don't need to worry about.  :)

Nail Clip Time 4 Suzie
Suzie, Tina and Natsumi were in an XPen which they all three just seem to do better in.     There were a couple of other, older dogs in with them and another XPen with puppies.   Somehow the XPens were pushed up next to each other and Suzie went into a frenzy.   As I've said before, this dachshund HATES puppies.   She thinks the only thing they're good for is to nip their tails and ears and make them cry.   The poor puppy was sleeping and she was still beside herself ... Suzie is definitely not slowing down with her illness.    She was really spry today and now her and Tina are crashed out for a serious nap.

I will be heading out to visit Burton shortly.    I did have a message from the vet this morning saying he hadn't thrown up since 4 pm yesterday.   They are going to try to feed him.    The hope is 1) he eats, 2) he keeps it down and 3) it doesn't give him diarrhea.     I sure hope he's doing better.   Every time I get a call or message from Ellen, the vet, or an unknown caller I get scared that it's bad news and I don't want to answer or listen to the message.

A bit of hopeful news - a job I lost out on a couple of months ago may be hiring again and they'd like me to reapply.    They have to get approval from their corporate office for another hire, but I'm really hoping this works out.   The pay is good AND  there are benefits.    I left a message as asked, this afternoon and said YES I AM STILL INTERESTED.  :)

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