Monday, October 4, 2010

New doxie in da house

I was alerted last week that a stray, male dachshund had been picked up in a rural area and was on "stray hold" at a local, very rural shelter.    That means the shelter or pound will hold the animal for a set amount of days, with the idea of giving the owner a chance to find and claim their dog.   Once stray hold is over,  the dog may be adopted, released to rescue or put to sleep.   Our director emailed me and told me about him so I said, "sure" I'd take him if he was still available.  I didn't think he would be, though.   From the info I had gotten this boy was really cute and  super sweet - surely someone must be looking for him?   

I also think Ellen (our director) was trying to cheer me up after saying goodbye to Saburo.     Bringing in a new foster really can save the day for the mental health of a foster parent.   I know, it does start the same process all over again.    But here's another little life we have the opportunity to help and give a second chance to.   It helps the sadness of the goodbyes and keeps us looking forward.   The most important reminder is if we hadn't just said goodbye to one foster, then we wouldn't have had room for the new one we're welcoming into our home.

Today, stray hold was over so I gave the shelter a call and found out he had not been claimed.      So, I immediately headed down 55 to pick him up after Ellen gave the OK to the shelter that I could transport him.   I believe this little guy is housebroken.   I'll be able to tell much more after a couple of days.   A really great sign, though, is that he chose to use the bathroom (number 2!) after I had gotten him out of the pound and we were walking on the grass.   Not being graphic, but this guy really had to go and to know that he had held it while he was in his cage.   Not only that,  but could smell that others had gone to the bathroom in their cages and he had still chosen to hold it.   Well that's a very positive sign.

This sweet boy was definitely someones pet.   He hopped right up into my car and was ready to go as soon as  I  cleaned up his potty break.  :)   This little stinker insisted on being in my lap the entire way home.    This shelter isn't just around the corner, it's a good 45 minutes from my house!  He really wanted to keep his head out the window, but I don't do that on the highway.  (much to his dismay!)    He's a solid boy, too, my arm got very very tired after holding him a while.   Here's a picture of him enjoying his taste of freedom.    He sure is a talker.   He whined and grunted and was truly glad to be smelling the fresh air of a beautiful autumn day.

I also gave him a bath because these kids that get out of the pound always stink to high heaven.   No matter how clean they look, they are very stinky.    He was a perfect angel when I gave him a bath.  I couldn't believe it.     Then, after I got him out of the tub and was drying him off he was "talking" to me.    I tried to film it, but it didn't work.   I'd say (in a goofy, baby voice) "Dachshunds aren't supposed to be wet now are they?"  And he would just grunt and groan and whine back at me telling me just how terrible this was.  :)  Here's a picture of him still a little wet.

We haven't thought of a definite name yet.   We'd like to give him something with a Halloween feel but it can't be too creepy.     Our group recently had a contest about a name and now I wish I had thought of that!  :)    Of course, Joey is trying to talk me into another Japanese name but I am not going for it this time.   I'm in charge here, after all.  ;)   Here are the choices and I'd love some feedback.      Albus (as in Dumbledore), Burton (as in Tim), BooBoo (as in a double ghost greeting), and Bugbear which is a type of hobgoblin.    Then there's Shadow, Phantom, and Spectre too but they're kind of ordinary.      Joey really likes Tim Burton so he's taken to calling him "TB" which I'm trying to discourage.   Who wants to adopt a dog named after a deadly disease?  I have a feeling that no matter what he ends up being named, he will always be "TB" to Joe.  :)