Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fun Weekend

Tina Rockin  A Jester Look

Well Joey and I and some of our four legged friends had a blast this weekend.    Last night our group had our annual trivia nite and we had so much fun.    The questions seemed ultra hard this year, but it was fun to hang out and visit with friends without having to take dogs for potty breaks.   :)    We didn't take the game too seriously so we don't know how bad (or good!) we did.     The event raises a lot of money for our group and as it was our second venture trying it out, we did even better than last year.    This is certainly going to help save a lot of dogs and catch our group up on vet bills.

Becky's Sweet Girl Hazel

Today we attended the Gateway Lo-Downs Howl-O-Wiener party.     This is a local dachshund lovers group that I've known about for some time but just recently joined.    I was able to hang out with some good friends today and see about 60 dachshunds in Halloween costumes.   If that doesn't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will.     Everyone looked great and the dogs tolerated it in great style.    Some people are sooo imaginative.     There was someone who dressed their doxie in a Super Mario Costume, someone had their 3 dears in Alice In Wonderland themed wear, 2 had on beautiful kimonos and Velma was dressed as an alien while Niko was an astronaut.     I have to admit, I go with whatever will fit and I think will stay on halfway.   ;)   There was this delicious lettuce salad - I have to get the recipe.    I knew it had apples in it, but when I tried it I realized it was caramel covered apples.   YUM

Becky's Girl Piper
We took Suzie and Tina and they were so well behaved, I was amazed.   They can be a little obnoxious at adoption events but they were so sweet and happy, it's just proof they knew they were just there to have a good time.

Happy Velma
Today also came with the wonderful news that Saburo is still doing  great in his new home.    He just LOVES his dog brother so much.     Sometimes I think that makes all the difference in the world.     I saw Katie today who has become a friend of mine after she adopted my foster, Calypso.   She renamed her Velma and her and Dan already had a black and tan smooth coat doxie named Niko.   Niko and Velma are two peas in a pod - they love each other so much.    I remember the day Velma met Niko, even though she was very nervous and scared she gave him a kiss.     Thanks to Tara and Tankerz and Katie, Dan and Niko for giving some of my temporary babies such wonderful homes.
Tara'z Boyz Snoozing Away  ZZZZZ

A special thanks to Becky and Tara for pictures today.    My computer has a virus and Joey has forgotten the  admin password on his netbook so I can't install my camera software.    Heavy Sigh!!

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  1. Suzie and Tina were very well behaved, I think they like to be with their "own kind" too lol That pic of Saburo and Tankerz is wonderful, they look SO content, I know it brings happy tears to your eyes!