Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dogs in Shirts

There is something SO cute about a dog in a little tshirt.  I love putting my dogs in clothes and tshirts are easy to deal with and something I feel comfortable with them hanging around in.   AND I get to make a statement.  
Here's Burton's tshirt which says 100% tree hugger.      Hoppers says The Dogfather ... he is my grumpy alpha dog so that really fits.   And then Cooper and TRex get matching shirts -  a nutty looking little skull and crossbones.     It really fits because they can't stand each other.   They all look so cute!

Wonderful, wonderful news - I received a job offer today!   Not only will it include benefits, but it also is a fairly big increase over what I was making at my last job.   AND there's someone already working at the office I consider a very good friend so I feel more than lucky.    I start November 1st and I have to go through a background check, criminal check, drug test, fingerprinting and massive amounts of paperwork.   That's ok, though, I am very very relieved.

I've lost a few jobs in the past few years and it generally was the result of someone wealthy wanting to make or keep more money.   The last job I held,  I was let go because the company couldn't afford me.   I found out just last week that the owner paid over $9,000 cash to buy a car off EBay and then took a lengthy overseas trip shortly after I was let go.     Seems like my salary might have been getting in the way of some big ticket purchases.     I get so angry when I hear things like that.    It makes the whole situation seem even more unfair.     But I have to look at it like this - I just needed to face a few lean months to get  into a much better and more stable position.   It's a big company, not a small local one so I imagine things will be done much more "by the book."  

That's one of the reasons I appreciate working with dogs so much.    They're really straight forward and they'll never stab you in the back for a chance at a convertible caddy.  ;)

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  1. I'm so glad about the job! Love the shirts too!