Sunday, October 3, 2010

Girls Afternoon Out

Our group had a Sunday adoption event at PetCo in Kirkwood so I stopped by to say hi and drop off Saburo's adoption paperwork.   I took my sweetheart, Jingle, with me because she is my little princess and occasionally needs some alone time with her Mama.  :)

I will say it over and over again, but Jingle is the best dog in the world.   She's so sweet and mellow and she follows me everywhere.    If we're in the same house together, there's a 100% chance that she's going to be lying right next to me or at my feet.

After PetCo, I went to visit my Mom and took Jingle with me.    Jingle sits right on my leg looking out the window on our adventures.   There is no stinken way this dog will ever sit on the other seat or in the back seat.   As I said, she IS a princess even if she is a quiet and well behaved one.

I've mentioned it before, but  Jingle is beloved by all of the other dogs that come into my house.    She's so kind and laid back, they always seem to find comfort in her presence.    She's the one dog that I see everyone snuggle up next to.    My favorite is TRex always wanting to be by her.    He's so rough and tough on the outside, but you can tell he just wants his Mommy (Jingle) to take care of him.   I especially love it when he insists on curling up in her bed that's in the computer room.   It IS a pink bed, with rhinestones spelling out "princess" on it.    They can both fit in this bed, but only if Jingle gets in first.  

Jingle is how I became involved in our group.    We adopted her in December, 2007 and her  name  was  Christina.    I prefer "dog" names and I really wanted one that was holiday sounding.    After many false starts, we finally agreed on Jingle.   Of course, within a couple of months Joey started telling everyone he named Jingle.   But if I remember correctly, it was very hard to convince him that Jingle was a good name.  :)   When I adopted her, I was told she was 10 years old and I almost didn't get her because of that age.    As so many other animal lovers, it's just too damn painful to say goodbye.   Why get a dog that you're going to have to say goodbye to sooner rather than later?     I held her in my arms at PetCo for about an hour and then I had to drop Joey off at a friend's house.   After I dropped him off,  I rushed right back to PetCo praying she was still there and adopted her.   And you know what?   As soon as she saw me - she stood up on her hind legs in her crate.  I know she recognized me.   And now that I know her and know she doesn't really do that, it's definite!

Jingle is a puppy mill girl and she still definitely exhibits some of that behavior.   She's not 100% housebroken - more like 95%.    She still cowers if someone reaches down to pet her, she's very nervous of going through doors, and she still can't jump up on a couch.   Jingle is missing more teeth than she has  which is due to years of neglect.   She seems very hard of hearing, but her eyes are clear and her heart is sweet.   

I love my little princess so much and one of the favorite things anyone ever said about her is that "she's a stuffed animal come to life."      Not only do I love my little princess, so does TRex. 

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  1. Awww Jingle is super cute in her Drama Queen t-shirt, but of course I can't stop staring at T-rex LOL, I can imagine poor T-rex filing a restraining order on me!
    I am glad u found Jingle and glad u stuck around Senior Dog all this time :)