Thursday, September 30, 2010

Saburo Found His Forever Home Today

Becky and I made a trip together, along with Saburo to meet Tara and her dog named Tankerz in Mount Vernon, IL.      We actually chose that point because it was the halfway point between where she lives and where I live.   The Internet is an amazing place.    Did you know you can go to a website called  Meetways  and type in two addresses and it will give you the midway point?    I thought that was sooooo cool.    

From everything I could tell about Tara by calling her references, getting pictures of her house and from emailing her frequently, I had a feeling she'd be a great adopter.    Actually one of the things I liked best is how her references knew her dog's name - that says a lot.    If people in your life know your dog's name, it's obvious they're a big part of your life.  

The biggest question was would Tankerz and Saburo get along?     Tara told me that she was a little worried that with Tankerz being out of his element, he might be a little more skittish of other dogs than normal.    According to Tara, he gets a little "psychotic" about other dogs.   HA  I can totally relate with my little Napoleon complexed driven schnoodle, Cooper.  :)    I have to admit, I was kind of hoping that Tankerz and Saburo hated each other and there would be no questions about what to do.     But as you can tell from the title of my blog that's not at all what happened.

Not only did Tankerz and Saburo NOT hate each other, but by the end of our hour together they actually had started to play.    And this was while on leashes!!   Mount Vernon doesn't have any off leash dog parks because that would have been the ideal setting, but hey, you deal with what you've got.     When I met Tara and saw how much affection she gave Tankerz and how much he loves her, I knew in my heart that it would be a great home for Saburo.    Tara was looking for a dog that would just soak up love and attention, and that is Saburo to a tee.     He'll be a little love monkey for Tara and a play nut for Tankerz.    Perfect, perfect happy ending for my sweet boy.

Saying goodbye to a foster we've really grown to love in a word is just awful.    It truly is a little heartbreaking - no matter what a great home they have, no matter how this is so obviously the right decision, it is so hard.    Once we got to Mount Vernon, I pulled over to a gas station for a bathroom break and just sat in my front seat holding Saburo and crying.     And then as we said goodbye to Saburo, I had another little breakdown and I've been crying on and off all day since.    It's just the name of the game.    Not every adoption is as hard as this one, but I pretty much cry every time one gets adopted.   I try to warn people because I really don't want them to feel bad or guilty.    And Tara was so unbelievably sweet - a little after she drove off she sent me a text message telling me not to worry and that she would give him the best home.   See, I told you she was a good one! :)

I wanted Becky to go with me for a bunch of reasons - I wanted a non biased opinion of the situation and I needed company on the ride home.   There was no way I could have driven home without crying my eyes out.   But, with Becky in the car with me we were able to chat away and I didn't shed too many tears once we got on the highway.     I am so grateful she went - it was a huge help.   Plus, Becky is the one who pulled Saburo out of JCAC so she has a bond with the little boy too.    When we met her and he saw Becky, he rushed right over to her to greet her.     These dogs ALWAYS seem to remember the person who took them away from the scary, scary pound.

Now that I'm home, it's a really weird thing.   It's almost like breaking up with someone and then putting all of their stuff away so you're not reminded of them constantly?   I did give Tara Saburo's favorite toy, a blanket and one of the Rescue Heroes he chewed up.   :)    But if you notice, I did change my main picture above because no matter how happy I am for Saburo and know he's in the best place possible I miss him too much to look at that pic.  

Tara is going to send me pictures of Saburo CONSISTENTLY (Right, Tara? ) and that is absolutely the one thing that makes all of this worth while.    When we see a picture of a dog that is so wonderfully happy and know the person is happy too - it makes all the tears and heartache bearable.  

This is the email I got from Tara as soon as I was home - what a great start and what more could I ask for for Saburo? 


I wanted to thank you again so much for bringing this little hunk of love into my life!!! Him and Tankerz have been playing since I got them in the door and he just loves it outside. He's been wagging his tail the whole time so I know he's doing great. I cant thank you enough!!! I just love him so much already. I'll send pictures as soon as my camera is done charging!


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