Sunday, September 19, 2010

Four Muddy Paws

We enjoyed our adoption event at Four Muddy Paws yesterday.     It's such a nice place to hang out and the dogs love it.    It did get pretty hot - much hotter than we expected in September but that just led to excellent naps in the afternoon after we got home.  :)

Quite a few people were interested in Natsumi but she didn't find her forever home yesterday.   I'm confident it will happen soon.    I'm still flying on cloud 9 about her excellent checkup from the eye doctor on Friday. 

I received an excellent application on Saburo today ... I have to admit, I'm in a position I haven't been in a while.   Just last ight I started thinking about adopting him.   He's just such a perfect dog - he's housebroken, he's affectionate, he's playful AND he's nice to my cat.    I actually started crying when I got the application today - that surprised me!    Isn't it odd that I was thinking out where I would get the money to pay Saburo's adoption fee as I fell asleep?     Was this a sign from the universe saying this was the right home for him or gentle prodding to make up my mind?    I'm not sure - I have to call references tomorrow and then arrange a day and time to meet his possible new person and her dog.     That meeting will generally tell me everything I need to know.  

Below is a story of TRex which needs no words .... what a reminder we can do anything if we set our mind to it! :)

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