Monday, September 6, 2010

First Adoption Event For Natsumi

Saburo warned me Kim's obsessed with these clown collars ....
Natsumi made it to her first adoption event yesterday.     I specifically took her alone so I could focus on her and not worry about any other foster.   Since I wasn't feeling great, I knew there was a pretty good chance we would not be staying for the whole event.    When I got into the car with her, she was petrified and trembled like crazy for about 10 minutes.    I had her in my lap and had my arm around her while I was driving.    She finally calmed down after I made a stop at Starbucks and was able to share some cheese danish with her.  :)    It reminded me that I've kind of kept Natsumi a little too protected in my home.    With my other fosters, I generally will take them out to run errands or to visit my Mom, etc.    With her sight issues, I haven't made those same type of car trips with her.   I try to let my fosters learn riding in the car doesn't always end up in a horrible situation - like being dumped at a shelter or going to the vet.

When we got to PetCo, she had another 10 minutes of terror.    She was visibly shaking so I held her in my arms and snuggled with her and she calmed down pretty quickly.     I needed to step away and make some bake sale plans with a couple of other volunteers, so Janet volunteered to hold her for me.     She did really well in Janet's arms.     By the end of the day, I was able to put her into a crate with Anne Marie.   Since Anne Marie had been at my house a few days, I thought it would be reassuring for her to be with someone familiar.

Natsumi exceeded all of my expectations - she actually did fantastic at the adoption event.    After her initial stress, she was eager  to  explore PetCo and talked me into walking around the store a couple of times.    I received so many compliments on how cute she is.   She really is adorable and now I just need to find someone who is able to care for her.    Her lack of sight really isn't a problem, she figures her surroundings out very quickly.    She will need someone who will carry her outside.    She'll need a home of someone who is physically able to handle this feat and is also willing to work with her.   If she found a home that had no stairs into a back yard, I feel she would be fine with learning to go out on her own.    She also doesn't require other dogs for company.    She is spending more and more time with the family in the living room, but she doesn't have to be around dogs.

We did leave early and boy was she wiped out.   It might surprise people, but adoption events are just exhausting.    Even if you only have one dog, they tire all of us out.    And Natsumi is no different.    She took a long snooze on the way home and didn't need to be held for that car ride.

Hey World!   I'm Happy Anne Marie
I got to see Anne Marie again yesterday and that made me happy.   She's such a great girl and it sounds like she's found the perfect foster home with Janet.     Janet said she was even running around in her back yard!    Anne Marie recognized me and was happy to see me - she even did this little jig on her hind feet.    That is always such a good feeling.   :)   I believe dogs really do remember the person that took them from the shelter.    Even if we're a stranger and they're nervous, they quickly see they're in a better place and we're going to treat them kindly.    Whenever Saburo sees Becky, he's still thrilled to see her.     Even though he's been at my house, she's the one that actually rescued him.      I don't think he'll ever forget it.  

Janet is falling for Anne Marie just as quickly as I was.   She is just a really sweet old girl.     Very mellow, very cute and just a wonderful addition to any home.   We still don't understand how someone could walk away from her after 4 years of having her in their home.   I had her for just a few days and I was sad to see her go to Janet's.     And what's worse, I KNOW she's going to a good place.    There were no guarantees for her former owner.

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