Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saburo the TERRIBLE :)

Do I look Just A Little Crazy??
Some days, Saburo shows just how much of a puppy he is.    The last few days have been like that.    Sunday he found an old toy of Joey's, it's one of the Rescue Heroes     Saburo decided that he definitely didn't need a hand anymore and this is what we have left .... thank goodness this isn't something that Joey loves anymore! :)

Then, yesterday I had just made dinner for myself while Joey was at his Dad's house.    I already had fed the dogs, so they weren't hungry one bit.    But as I spatulad my hamburger out of the frying pan, I missed the bun and it hit the floor.   Guess who got it??? Yep, Saburo!!   It was almost like he had a red bull .. he was a frolicking, crazy, racing  nuthead of a dog last night.    He made me laugh so many times.    He also jumped in the bathtub again today and destroyed my wooden ruler ... sigh .... it's this ruler I have been working so hard to keep out of the sight of every dog in my home.   Well,  Saburo the terrible found it.   I'm sure he was like "HEY indoor stick - how cool is that?!?"   :)    Saburo was 100% puppy today.  

Matt the Medic, Less One Hand
I called all the references on Saburo's application today and the person  interested sounds wonderful.   She lives almost 3 hours away so we need to make sure Saburo and her dog, Tankerz, get along.   I'm pretty sure they will.   Saburo likes dogs around his size - male or female.   Right now he's furiously playing with Cooper and I can hear them tussling like crazy.   Cooper is kind of a brat so if Saburo can play with him, he should be fine with this other dog.    We'll arrange a meeting and hopefully all goes well.

I have adopted a number of my fosters to those who live quite a distance away.   Some people in our group have personal preferences where they choose not to do it.   I just talk to the person as much as I can, call their references and let them know if they decide to return the dog they MUST get them back to me.   I remind them they'll be signing a contract about it which leaves room for a lawsuit if they don't abide by it.    Sounds harsh ... but we have to do it for a reason.    Many people have turned in our dogs to a shelter and if that shelter doesn't bother to scan the chip, there's a very good chance they'll be put down.   No matter what, we take our dogs back.      That's one of my favorite things about our group.

While I was sitting on the couch with Saburo, he fell asleep with my arm around him.    He then started dreaming ... I love it when Saburo dreams.   I wish I could see what's going on inside that head of his because he is an ACTIVE dreamer.   If he were human, he'd be an avid sleep walker.   Here's a video I tried to take.   The visual didn't come out at all, but you can hear his great dreaming noises.  (as well as some crazy, annoying background ticking)   but I didn't want to budge and disturb the little guy.   Make sure you turn your sound up!!

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