Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Use For Belly Bands!

For those of you who don't know, belly bands are a great tool to use for male dogs that like to mark inside your house.   It's a strip of fabric that you wrap around the belly, with Velcro fasteners to keep it on the dog.   You can then put some sort of incontinence pad inside the band so when a dog goes to lift their leg, the pee goes into the pad.    It helps keep your house clean and dogs supposedly don't like the feeling of their urine that close to their body and it helps housebreak them.    I've got furry dogs who get "peenie mats" all the time so I dont' know if I'm a complete believer in that part.   It's very important to take the band off the dog when they go outside.   I think they're great,  and our group even sells them at fundraisers at a lot more economical price than you'd find at major stores.

So, I guess Saburo has been using Axe or something because everyone is in love with him.   We took him to visit my Mom and her dog, Foxie Roxie, tonight and she not only acted like she loved him, but she was even nice to him!    Foxie does this weird little dominant thing where she likes to hit boy dogs in the face with her butt ... go figure.   Anyway, Saburo thought it was great fun and they actually played.   That's kind of amazing because Foxie's kind of a cranky old lady and doesn't really like other dogs.    But she was IN LOVE with Saburo tonight.    She was basically doing full body slams on him to get his attention! :)

So, when we got home - I guess Cooper could tell that Foxie Roxie had been flirting with Saburo and he needed to stake claim to his  "Man"again.    He has been unbelievably annoying tonight.    Every few minutes, he's showing his "amorous" urges toward Saburo and it's been driving the entire household insane... even the other dogs!     It finally dawned on me ... get a BELLY BAND and at least Cooper won't be able to let the loch ness monster pop out for 30 mins like he did last night.  ;)

It is so funny - as soon as I put the belly band on Cooper, he just sat down and looked totally depressed.   JTK thinks it's abusive because he's so sad,  and I just told him he's lucky I didn't put pink and purple on him to really shame him into behaving.   ha ha   I'm telling you what - Saburo and I are very relieved I'm so brilliant. :)  

Well, kind of brilliant - suddenly TRex decided he's in love with Saburo too.    ::sigh::    What is it with this dog???    Even Suzie has decided she loves him ... well loves a certain part of Saburo ... wink wink nudge nudge.  

See ya - Kim and her freakie deakie dogs!


  1. Good idea Kim!! I thought about that too but I have never had luck with the belly bands staying on I think its all about the fit. Something must be in the air at your house, poor Saburo and poor you and Joey for having to watch it.