Sunday, September 5, 2010

Whole New Meaning to the phrase "WIENER DOG"

I've had my own dogs for a while and I've been fostering for just over two years so there isn't a lot that freaks me out and sends me running to the phone anymore.   Well, this afternoon Cooper completely caught me off guard.   Cooper is our schnoodle who had awful diarrhea for 4 days.    His stool exam came back today and he has no parasites - YAY - so it's obviously some sort of bug in his system which is what he's already being treated for with GI antibiotics.  

Well, Mr. Cooper has been feeling a lot better today and has been showing Saburo  his dominance by mounting him.    This is really not a big deal to me, I see it all the time.   I understand it's a dog behavior and it's all about who is charge of who.  Suzie actually does it to Tina and it doesn't freak me out but I do find it rude.      So here's Cooper repeatedly doing this to Saburo this afternoon and  I was already disturbed by it.    I sent an email out to some friends in the group because as I put it HE MEANS BUSINESS.    He wasn't trying to mount for dominance, he was acting like Saburo was a chick dog.   His wiener was out and everything!!     While waiting for some email replies and already not thrilled with Cooper's amorous intentions to Saburo and I notice something even worse.    Da Da Da1!!      As I fed everyone,  I noticed Cooper didn't come to eat and went looking for him.     I find him off by himself with his wiener still sticking out.    OMG    First I googled "My Dogs Wiener Won't Go Back In"  forgetting for a moment that Google has a file on every one of us and shares with the government what we google.  ;)   Great, now I'm known as the dog wiener googler.      After this attempt at google,  I only come up with stupid things like "give the dog a cold shower"  or "put it back in for them"  ha ha ha ha ha    There's a special place in hell for someone that posts things like that.

And he can look so innocent ....
I quickly gave up on the Internet and started calling people.   Now, this is a fairly sensitive question to be asking so it's got to be with  people I feel fairly comfortable with.   I called one person from our group and she had never had this situation, so that made me feel better.    Why would her not being able to help me make me feel better?   Because this was proof I wasn't  asking a crazy question.   Well, the question may be crazy but it's not crazy for me not to know the answer.   When she couldn't help me and she has always been able to give good advice, I knew I needed to pull out the big guns.  So I called our volunteer who is going to school to be a vet tech and is currently doing her vet clinic rotation.     Lindsay gave me the advice to put him in a crate or room by himself and let him calm down and he should be fine.    I had to just lock him in my bedroom because when I tried to physically move him, he did NOT want to be messed with ... who would??     To try and get everyone distracted I gave them all a treat and as soon as he heard he was missing out on treats in the other room, that was apparently enough to disengage his mind and he was back to his old self.   wooooooooo    What a relief.

No, it's  never a dull day around dogs is it? :)

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  1. NO it certainly isn't ever dull ;) and this is the type of thing you can ONLY discuss with TRUE dog people. I'm glad everything is back in its place, sorry I didn't get to your email till late, I have had this happen before with one of my perma dogs a LOOOONG time ago and I just had to leave him alone. Sorry Kim but this really gave me the laugh I needed today, god love these babies they never let us get bored!