Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Trip To The Dog Park

First off, sorry if I sounded a bit off my rocker last night ... but I WAS!!!   :)    My human nature takes me to the point that I get entirely fed up and I have been there this past week with a lot of things that were not even mentionedd in my temporary breakdown.     A few friends reached out to me today after reading the blog, and honestly just hearing that someone actually cares how you're doing and offering to help really can soothe the nerves and the stress.   Thanks guys!  (Elisa, Kati B. and Tracy!) 

Doesn't he look so pleased with being Moxie??

One of them, another volunteer in my group let me know she was taking her dogs to a free dog park in the city.  I had no idea the thing even existed!  So, I packed TRex and Saburo up and met Elisa there.   It was a lot of fun seeing my two and her two acting so silly.    Once again, Saburo is a "non gender specific" magnet because her dachshund, Moxie, decided he was a little bit in love with Saburo as well every other dog in my house.  HA   Moxie is a beautiful 5 1/2 year old dapple dachshund that came from a puppy mill.    He's my favorite type of dog pulled from a puppy mill - he's the age that means he's no longer financially useful to the miller so if our group got him, we undoubtedly saved his life.        He's so pretty and so soft.    But, as Elisa says - he knows it a little too much.    She's thrilled when she meets another dog that won't give him the time of day because Moxie is very self assured and maybe a little stuck up in the doxie world? :)     Elisa's really a very inspiring person.   She's attending school in the US after coming  from Mexico and his currently working on her doctorate in something unbelievably complicated like molecular plant biology???    It's so complicated, I probably have that wrong.     Elisa is very Internet savvy and has come up with a lot of ways via Twitter and Facebook to get our group's name out there.   She's a very valuable member of our group and a GREAT GREAT GREAT dog parent along with her intended, Andy.    

It was really sweet seeing my neurotic TRex just enjoying running around the space without a leash.    I think he sniffed almost every blade of grass.    He was just beside himself with happiness and even behaved himself quite well with all the dogs and humans in attendance.   Joey was at his Dad's tonight and when he found out I went to a dog park without him ... well that is apparently against the rules.  :)

This weekend Joey and I are going to see Shrek The Musical - I just realized TRex's harness is kind of an homage to Shrek.    Maybe I should have named him Shrek ... it kind of rhymes with TRex and he does think he's as ferocious as an ogre!

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  1. Yes, my dachshund looks very pleased with himself LOL serves him right to get a bit disappointed now and then, prepares him for the real world! I am glad you came out, that place is super nice and well of course its FREE, but I understand why Joey thinks its against the rules to go without him :)
    I loved hanging out with T-rex, my newest pet obsession!!!
    thank you for the nice comments about me and Andy :) but we all do our part and take big tasks.
    Good night!