Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There are angels here on earth

Sometimes when we're really having a hard time seeing the brightness of each day, someone shows us a  kindness and reminds of the beauty of humanity.   I just had the happen in the last couple of days with a wonderful woman named Barbara.    Barbara actually resides in Rolla, MO and she has adopted a number of dogs from our group.    She adopted one of Joey's all time favorites, a 12 year old pug named Daisy.   Barbara sends emails and updates of her dogs and has always been a huge fan of Joey.    She's very sweet and gracious and we know our fosters are in great hands with her.   

Barbara is reading my blog - I don't know how she happened to do that.    When I first started it, I sent out an email telling people I was starting one but I keep thinking that really only my family reads it.    She has been very supportive and kind in her recent emails pretty much telling me to keep my chin up and that she admires Joey so and that she really appreciates the work our group does.   That's so nice to hear, especially from such an animal lover as Barbara.

Yesterday she sent me an amazing email - she wanted to donate money specifically for Suzie's medical bills.    How warm hearted and generous!!   She emailed me yesterday and then gave me a call today.    She wanted to know how much her monthly medication is going to cost and she wants to cover that.    She has pledged to give our group $75 a month to be allotted for Suzie's expenses.   Not only that - she is going to be sending in a $200 donation specifically for Suzie.    I am just at a loss that someone can be so kind and generous.   I know times are not easy right now and Barbara doesn't have money to burn, so she is having to rearrange her budget to help Suzie out like this.   I'm still in shock.

Barbara was worried about me that I might need to accept the fact that extraordinary measures for Suzie might not be an option and that I will need to say goodbye at some time.   I do understand that, and I'm sorry I didn't get to reassure her before we hung up.   In the past year I've had to choose to have two of my cats put to sleep.   There were a number of invasive treatments available, but it always comes down to the quality of life.     If my cats were miserable and barely living,  that would be a very selfish act on my part.    I understand Suzie might have that day come for me sooner rather than later.  I just don't want to have to say goodbye to her if a brief hospital stay could give her months or even a year more.

I am in awe of Barbara's generosity and spirit.   I know I foster dogs in need, but so often I forget to be gentle and kind with the humans I share this world with.    I'm fairly typical in the rescue community that I don't trust people easily and have been gravely hurt by betrayals, mistakes and just plain mean behavior.   I'm more likely to give up on a person quicker than I will a cat or a dog.  

True, you might think that Barbara is doing this for a dog but she's really not.    She's doing it for my peace of mind - she's doing it for me AND Suzie.    She is definitely an angel on earth and I think she's watching out for all of us.

Thank you Barbara, I  hope you know the extent the gjft you gave me.   

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