Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rally For Yes on Proposition B

Wayne Pacelle speaking in St. Louis 09/14/2010
Tonight a couple of us attended the rally at the Humane Society in the city regarding Proposition B which will be on the ballot in November.   Proposition B is the proposal to require breeding facilities in Missouri to provide the dogs with the following basic, humane care; room to move around in their cage, clean living environment, food and clean water, veterinary care, rest between breeding cycles, shelter from the elements and a place to exercise out of their cage.    It was very interesting and there were about 100 people there. Even the president of the Humane Society of the United States , Wayne Pacelle, spoke. He's an amazing speaker - appearing to just wing it and pointing out all the important issues surrounding this measure. Approximately 2,000,000 homeless animals are euthanized every year. Approximately 2,000,00- 4,000,000 dogs come out of the puppy system each year. Can you imagine, if we get the puppy mill system under control we could help with the death rate for homeless animals? Nobody wants to stop responsible dog breeding or breeders. Humans do want companion animals, but we just want them held in such better conditions.

There was a video played and I literally couldn't stop crying while watching the images from the puppy mills here in Missouri. It's shocking that people can even treat these gentle creatures so horribly. The pictures showed dogs in huge mounds of feces, with horrible and untreated injuries, dogs stacked in crate after crate after crate - knowing they've spent their entire lives there, dogs with provided with the filthiest water and living on wire bottomed cages.   There was also a portion showing one dog so matted one of his legs was basically fused to the other. It's unimaginable that this is happening in this day and age, but it's so much worse that it's happening so frequently in our beautiful state of Missouri. This is happening in our home.

This proposition will have a positive impact on our nation as a whole. Not only will it hamper the nationwide "pet trade" but it will also help other states follow suit. 40% of all pet store puppies throughout the United States come from Missouri. 68% of New York City pet store puppies come from Missouri. One thing that Wayne pointed out is the amount of money spent on problems from puppy mills - education campaigns, puppy mill raids, and the health problems faced by puppy mill dogs after their purchased. I never though of that, but imagine how much money it would free up and how many animals lives would be saved if we got this puppy mill horror limited. Here is a before and after picture of a dog named Legs rescued by the Missouri Humane Society from one of the 3,000 puppy mills in Missouri. He was named Legs because there were a number of dogs in this raid who were so matted they required amputation of their legs. Legs was lucky and made it out with all 4 legs. 

Legs in the puppy mill cage

I am a huge supporter of this proposition and a big believer that if we are unable to show innocent animals the basic kindnesses then our society and our humanity are doomed.   How can people be expected to treat each other humanely if we can not treat these innocent creatures humanely?

Please let everyone you know how important it is to get out and vote November 2nd for this issue. Email everyone you know and offer to drive them to the polls! We are at a very historical moment in the treatment of animals in our state. Let us stand up and speak for those who have no voice for themselves.

Legs after being rescued in a raid

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